Key To My Heart



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PATRICIA, the young man was talking to me, and it wasn’t an event to eavesdrop on.” Nnadim chided. But there was apprehension beneath the reproving tone as he stared at his granddaughter’s resolute stance.

“I wasn’t going to eavesdrop. Came in for something and was going to ask to bring you people drinks when I heard him.” Patti switched her gaze to Isidore. “Good thing I did too, for I will now save you both presuming too much. You would come ask my grandfather’s permission to marry me before you asked mine?”

“Yes, I would.” Isidore answered. “It was how our father’s and their father’s before them did it.”

“How traditional.” Patti scorned. “Well, I’ll save you getting the wrong answer—I won’t marry you. I told you before, I don’t want any man anymore in my life.”

Isidore absently noted the old man withdrawing but his focus was all on her. “You still think me any man, Patti?”

Patti wavered. Then she defiantly stuck up her chin. “I’m not saying you’re like them. I’m just saying I don’t want marriage anymore. I’m done with it.”

“But I want it. And I want you.”

“You can’t have it with me. So it’d be best we go our separate ways now.”


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DEDICATION: This Episode Finale is dedicated to all August celebrants. Be blessed.

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46 Responses to Key To My Heart


    Oh dear Lord, I am so glad the story has ended!

    It wasn’t easy. Got to confess it. Didn’t have a storyline. Didn’t have a vision for the love story of Patti and Isidore. I only saw a padlock with love petals and I thought: “Damn! This will make a great cover.” So I designed that first cover and went with the obvious title: KEY TO MY HEART.

    But no storyline, no foreknowledge of how to bring Patti and Isidore together even up until the sixth chapter. I just drifted along… and we made it at the end. Got them together and got a happily-ever-after.

    Thanks, everyone. For reading, for them that commented, God bless you.

    Now, we begin BODY ON MY DOORSTEP next week Tuesday. No worries, I have a storyline this time and it’s been drawn out.


  2. Funto says:

    Yaaaaaaaayy first to comment thanks TM. Storyline or no storyline KTMH came out nice… Thumbs up TM, GOD will continue to bless your writing

  3. favour says:


    Oh My,the ride was sure worth it. Thank you TM

    I especially love the gentle persistence in the place of love on the part of Dr Isidore

    We are expecting the sequel to a tall glass of Red by August 31 yeah.

    Next week Tuesday here I come…..

  4. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    …and we have a happy ending!!

  5. iyke david says:


  6. Joan says:

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    Lovely story, superb ending. And to think that there wasn’t a storyline at the onset is in itself mind blowing. Only ma’am Theodora can do that. Well done and Thanks a ton ma’am!

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

  7. uche says:

    wow and double wow!!! u Neva had a storyline and
    did not fail in d posting…….this sure spells out d fact DAT u are excellent at wat u do. Tm u rrrrrrooooocccckkkk!!!!!?

  8. Eby says:

    Anuty TM thanks for the wonderful story of Isidore and Patti. More grease and God bless you and your family

  9. Mystiq18 says:

    Trust me I saw it…but I didn’t tell anybody…Great ending I’ll v to itvit all over again cos I missed out on some episodes.

  10. chichi says:

    Thanks ma for making it a happy ending

  11. bella says:

    I enjoyed every bit of this story..truly love is patient,not selfish and heals.thank u for this beautiful story..btw (first time commenting)

  12. Rejoice says:

    Wow! Dats amazing. No storyline yet u did such a wonderful job. Ur indeed blessed TM always be gratefull for dis fact. Am a big fan and love all ur stories i’ve read wish i had a better fone so i cud get d ebooks.tnx for dis wonderful piece you’ve never failed. So happy for the new love birds Mr&Mrs Isidore.more grease ma’am

  13. kulvivi says:

    waooooooo. r u serious about d no storyline tin. waooooo mama u r good. thanks

  14. Roselyn says:

    Sooooooo, great a write up. TM, God’s open heaven will always release the dews of knowledge on you by His special grace. Goodnight and God bless.

  15. Abigail says:

    so amazing and thrilling. more balm to your elbow ma.

  16. Chiommy says:

    Wow, mindblowing. Good job TM, i love all your stories. There is always a lesson to learn.
    Am addicted to your blog. God bless you.

  17. Wow, part of what differentiate writers from writers. Of that am glad.
    Hurrah to the Mr and Mrs!

  18. mercy says:

    wow….U actually shocked me with d last episode…Patti acting up n all..but this is a beautiful ending.TM u rock!love ur works to bits…..btw (when is d next episode of writers 101 coming up pulllliz)

  19. Toyenlon says:

    Good that Patti did not allow fear ruin her happiness, imagine her happiness and joy now. Wonderful ending, thanks TM and God bless.

  20. mady says:

    nyc1 ma..may God bless d wrks of ur hands n brain..

  21. Nancydearie says:

    TM i ve always loved ur work right from Nairaland. You are good at what you do. I thank GOD for this gift of excellent writing skill He gave and i pray He will continue to enrich you with more knowledge and wisdom and may HE continue to prosper you my awesome writer. Thanks for this wonderful ,mind blowing and exceptional story. You are indeed a GENIUS when it comes to writingç genuis

    • Nancydearie, in all honesty I truly appreciate your constant support on NL. I cannot tell you what it means to me. Thank you. And I must be honest and tell you that I am always humbled when people praise and appreciate my writing. Without pretense, or any form of falseness, I must say it is all thank to my Talent-Giver, God Almighty Himself. He gave me the talent and He provides me the wisdom and grace. Thank you

  22. Damilola says:

    And they lived happily ever after…..Thanks a lot TM….The lord is ur strength….many more inspiration by His grace

  23. Paula says:

    Awwwwwwww…… I love the end. Well done TM

  24. Ego says:

    Wow i’m just reading thie episode o, chai see happy ending na. God bless u TM

  25. damisky59 says:

    Wow nice one ma’am

  26. Stuff says:

    Very well, to has have ended good for them.

  27. peace says:

    I reali love these the sky is nt d limit dear more grease to ur elbow

  28. Toyin says:

    I love happy ending. I really love this piece, I love the flow in each episodes it was slow and steady. Well done ma, more grace, strength and inspiration. Your talent will open greater doors unto you in Jesus name.

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