Key To My Heart



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SHE was in his house, in his bedroom, on his bed—and that made him happy. It had taken some doing getting her there, and getting her to let down her guard and relax.

Isidore looked at her now. She wasn’t pretty facially. But she had a great body type. Type that made him dream things and wish for much more. She was stubborn and overly independent. But she had a kind heart and was very resourceful—he wanted her no other way. He was in love with her. He had admitted it to himself some good many days now.

He would be admitting it to her… at some point when she wasn’t apt to panic and run.

Darn, he was admitting it today. He loved her and he wanted her. Wanted to love and protect and take care of her.

“My face won’t change because you stare long at it.”

“Actually it’s your lips I’m looking at.” Isidore teased, watching her eyes-closed form. “They are temptingly full and lush.”

“Don’t even think about it, doctor.”

“Oh, but I am.”

Her eyes flew open. “Keep of me, Isidore. I don’t go there with anybody.”

“Just a kiss.”

“No!” She pushed away.

He caught her and drew her into his arms. “One kiss. I so want to kiss you.”


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Dedication: For all June & July Celebrants, may your lives be blessed.

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27 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. Rahmat says:

    First to comment? It was a good read TM.

  2. Adams peculiar says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm. The devil in her village is working tru her! I don’t blame her tho, she is scare and being utmostly careful. But being too careful sometimes lands us to a grave mistake.

  3. jojodia says:

    Abeg, I don tire for this Patti. Abah, wetin sef. Is she the only one that her heart was broken several times in the past.

    Her attitude tires one out easily.

    In short, I’m vexing on behalf of Isi.

  4. Nykky says:

    Patti dam the fear and follow your heart. Because I see the spirit is willing

  5. Joan says:

    Oh no Patti!
    I held my breath while reading the last scene. Let’s see how Isidore changes her mind.
    Thanks ma’am TM. Have a splendid week

  6. favour says:

    Gbagaun…..i don’t want to marry you,talk about rejection.

    Isidore,you sure cannot give up biko

  7. iyke david says:

    Please can somebody give a koboko to lash this sturbbon girl call Patti?
    Look Patti you are draging my patience too long oooo!

  8. mercy says:

    what???????Patti are u high or what??y just spoiling evrytn with remnants from ur past?na only u gt past?hurt isidore n I’ll hate u forever…mtchew,nonsense woman.TM criosly we v to do sth drastic bout this Patti of a woman! m pissed off alredi

  9. Datoks says:

    What is this Patti’s problem i beg, dont break the Doctor’s heart o

  10. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    Lol it’s understandable

    TM, na August we dey o, I still dey see “June & July celebrant”…..you know how I love me some August o. *wink*

  11. Ego says:

    U don’t want to marry him but u love dating him, what were u thinking will come out of the dating eventually, abeggi Patti park well joor, u becoming so annoying, wetin sef

  12. Roselyn says:

    Chai! Patti, pls give true love a chance ooooo! Thanks TM, do have a blessed week.

  13. Fsf says:

    It seems Patti wants to discover Mungo Park

  14. chichi says:

    The guy shud be patient abeg,its too soon to declare his love nau

  15. peace says:

    Thanks spices well done

  16. Pacesetter says:

    Patti, plssssssss

  17. Toyenlon says:

    No again? Patti, abeg just let go and let’s celebrate the good news biko…lol

  18. Funto says:

    Na wahhhh to dis aunty patti she can like to fall my hand…… Thanks TM always on point

  19. Paula says:

    Patti dem don open shop for your head. Hahahaha

  20. Tee says:

    Patti dear don’t be a spoil sport you love him already, put him out of misery and marry him biko

  21. damisky says:

    Chineke! Patti nawa 4u oh she wants to give d guy an heart attack… NYC 1 ma’am

  22. Ella mum says:

    Patti sef get skoi skoi. We shall see. Tm well-done

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