Key To My Heart



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SHE was doing it again—getting carried away with the romance of the moment. She thought of him all the time. They talked every day now. When he wasn’t calling, he was stopping over on his way back from work. She liked him. Why deny what made her smile into the air for no just reason?

But only a fool walked the same path and got stung by the same bush thorns. Patti knew that and decided to do something about clearing her pathway.

She pulled into the compound of Nweke Okolo minutes after making the decision. And lucky for her, Isioma was out on the veranda of her father’s house.

“Ah Patti, good day to you.” Isioma smiled her welcome. “Here to deliver something for my mother?”

“Not today, Isioma.” Patti kept her own smile agreeable. “In fact, it is glad I am to see you out here. Is your parents at home, so I can go in and greet them?”

Mba, they’re not.” Isioma shook her head, made space for her on the cushioned bench. “They both went to church for the elders’ council meeting.”

Patti was relieved. She didn’t want any audiences. “Very good. That is even better.”

Isioma eyed her curiously. “Why? Is there a secret you want to whisper into my ears?”

“More or less.” Patti murmured.


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Dedication: For all June & July Celebrants, may your lives be blessed.

NOTE: KTMH is ending next week. I envisioned it will today but extra episodes slipped by me. Lol. I’ve made the decision, and created the story calendar, that every month will see us reading new stories. Each not exceeding 8 episodes and therefore will not go beyond the billed month. This is done as a way to celebrate birthday celebrants of every month, and without miss… by God’s special grace. So, August will see us reading BODY ON MY DOORSTEP — a Mystery Comedy. *I hope it will be funny. If not, it’ll just be a Mystery story*. So, August celebrants get ready… and everyone else too. It’s just a 6-episode story, so we will make it before August ends. All by God’s grace, of course. So Stay tuned to Life and Spices.com and keeping enjoying great stories. Don’t forget to invite family and friends… you can invite your enemies too. Lmao. So… I’m out. Cheers, dear folks.

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24 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. iyke david says:

    This a mind blowing episode!
    Thanks TM for making my weekend supper!

  2. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    Hahahaahaha Isidore the smart ass…I love this episode

  3. Patience Bassey says:

    Lol, Isidore saw through Patti

  4. Datoks says:

    Whao, i knew d doctor will not fuck up
    Am looking forward to d August story, cos August is my birthday

  5. Joan says:

    O boi. I so love today’s episode. Really dramatic.
    Thanks for making our weekend special.

    Have a funfilled weekend ma’am. *blows a kiss*

  6. Ego says:

    Lol, u go fear testing nah, Isidore na guy man

  7. Nykky says:

    I love today’s episode. Well our Doc is to smart for Patti’s game and I like the way he handled it with Ben. Thanks TM how your side enjoy your weekend

  8. Pacesetter says:

    whao, happy birthday in advance to we August celebrant. I just love Isidore, he is just the man.

  9. Roselyn says:

    Haaahaaahaaa! Isioma wan kill me with laugh ooooo! With her screams of Ewo! Doctor, you are one smart dude. Have a blessed weekend TM and thank you very much.

  10. Ayomide says:

    Thanks for this episode TM… #Ghostmodedeactivated.

  11. kulvivi says:

    I just love dis episode. its very funny. looking forward to the next. thanks ma’am

  12. Essencecj says:

    Nice work TM eventhough it seems to me u reply only certain people. U didnt even acknowledge my birthday even when I stated it. Tnx for d birthday gift.

  13. mady says:

    Nyc 1 TM…may God add 2 ur strenght

  14. Toyenlon says:

    This is funny,ilove it

  15. Fsf says:

    Do men like Isidore exists really?

  16. Paula says:

    TM all these delicacies now Palm wine…..not fair oh

  17. damisky says:

    Ma’am TM av not been feeling fine nd u did not ask of me, haaa dere is God oh..Well am happy to be back av missed a lot ND my B-Day is next 2mawo expecting my gift oh

  18. Very funny and I’m glad he proved her wrong.

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