Key To My Heart



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THERE was nothing wrong in coming to see him, Patti consoled herself. They weren’t enemies and she could say hello to a man without it ending in something permanent.

She was just being sociable. She added the excuse when her head still warred with her heart. And then grimaced because her head decided to remind her that she’d sworn never to be sociable with city-bred kinds ever again.

Too late now to turn tail and head back home, she silently argued.

“Hey, Nurse Carol. How’s the work going today?” Patti aimed her most casual smile.

“Work is slow today. Which is good since that is a sign that people are healthy.” Nurse Carol’s smile was friendly. “How’s work at the farm?”

“Going on. The raining season has been a blessing.”

“That it has—at least for you farmers.” Nurse Carol cast a look about her. “I don’t see Nnadim. Or are you here alone?

“I am. Want to see the doctor. Is he in?”

“Ah.” A twinkling light entered into Nurse Carol’s eyes. “He is in; and alone now.”

“All right.” Patti nodded, with the same casual air. “I just have a message for him.”

“Of course.” Nurse Carol’s smile beamed.

Damn it! Patti swore as she headed in the direction of the doctor’s office. There was no evading the gossip this time. It didn’t matter, she told herself. What people thought, or said, didn’t matter.


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18 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. Grace says:

    First to comment hehehe, Patti is in love

  2. raychell says:

    Patti, just say yes already…warris all this na

  3. mercy says:

    bn checking in evry now n then just to read this. worth d wait.I sure lyk d twist of things here.thou art a goner Patti mine! *smiles. n thanks fr making
    my day TM!

  4. Datoks says:

    Patti is so in love with d Doctor….

  5. iyke david says:

    Please Patti our hearts are beating fast with anticipation,
    Just say yes and release Us!

  6. I’m glad her heart wasn’t listening to her.

  7. Patience Bassey says:

    The farmer is just doing shakara for the doctor.

  8. jojodia says:

    Patti has sink sunk and sank in love with the ‘city-bred Dokitor’.

    I love love.

  9. Ego says:

    Patti you love him already just admit it, your actions are already confirming it so why fight it

  10. Roselyn says:

    Getting my dancing shoe ready for you Patti ooo! This is for real. Thanks TM.

  11. Tohira says:

    What a great update tm.patti just say yes because your heart is already saying so.

  12. Joan says:

    Love nwatintin….

    This is getting more exciting!

  13. Rejoice says:

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! So lovely. Wishing i was patti. Tnx TM bae ur a darling

  14. Gannie_perrie says:

    Hmmm… Patti is in love with the doctor

  15. Fsf says:

    Oh my days!!!

  16. Toyenlon says:

    Wow! Patti is a goner already, just waiting to hear your yes…

  17. mady says:

    Aww…TM i cnt help feeling lyk Patti nw

  18. Ella mum says:

    One more chance patti. Loving this

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