Key To My Heart



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AND she didn’t like that she continued to think about it, and him, the rest of the week. She had better things to do with her time for God’s sake, Patti thought with a glower, dragging the rake across the ground as she spread sawdust.

“Aunty Patti, you should have left that for me to do.” Ubaka whined, again, from the door of the poultry house.

He sulked when any other person did his cleaning duty.

“Well, I am doing it. Do something else.” She would have been pacifying, but she was too strung up to be.

“I don’t know what else to do. You’ve been doing everything today.” But Ubaka walked away with his grumble.

Which was his salvation, Patti thought, for she would have hit him with the rake.

She didn’t think of love. In five years she has not thought of love; she’d prohibited herself to doing so. The only love one can count on was the love of family and true friends. And the only men you can count on were ones in your family—and some you can’t quite trust.

It pleased her when Father talked about agape love in his sermons. It solidified her belief in the lack of any other kind of love.

But he hadn’t said he loved her. The reminder thought came with a dark scowl. He’d said he just might fall in love with her when she’d taunted him if he was saying he was in love with her now.

Those words hadn’t much worried her. But his side smile had.

Cheesy words of a city-bred seducer, Patti thought, yanked up the rake and marched to the end of the poultry to spread out the sawdust there… again. Five years she’d minded herself and her heart and now another’s come along and she was fluttering and thinking about love.

“Asking for trouble.” She muttered between her teeth.

That was what she was doing, asking for trouble. And she’d had enough trouble to last any woman three lifetimes.

No, she wasn’t thinking about him, or love, not anymore.


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23 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. Joan says:

    First to comment. yayyyyyy!!

    • Joan says:

      Today’s episode is EPIC. I so appreciate this ma’am. Thanks a ton!
      Those three good-for-nothing men got me pissed. Whoever gives such flimsy excuses to a woman….urgh!
      Patti, not all men are like that oh(Isidore for example). The height if Patti’s wall is has reduced by some inches today.
      I wish I could fast forward to Tuesday… lol
      Lovely story ma’am. You rock!

      • Joan says:

        Yepa. What typo does to me.
        *covers face*

        I meant; “the height of Patti’s wall has reduced by some inches today”

  2. Patience Bassey says:

    I love this!

  3. Datoks says:

    Go Doctor, thats wat am talking about..

  4. iyke david says:

    Madam TM,you are da bomb!

  5. Nene says:

    Testing and trying!!! Patti’s attitude makes sense now! What a spineless man her ex was!

  6. Ego says:

    Eeya Patti has really gone thru a lot, little wonder she is the way she is. Just give our Doc a chance and u will be glad you did.
    TM rocking as usual

  7. Pacesetter says:

    doctor is working

  8. Pearl Josephs says:

    Nice one yet again madam spicey. And I must commend you for always being on time. With love

  9. Toyenlon says:

    Aww, Patti had really gone through much traumatic relationships, no wonder she was like that. Thanks TM for this, have a lovely weekend.

  10. Ella mum says:

    Oh dear patti. No wonder she is too tight. Isodor will heal where u hurt u hear. Aiit. Tm I salute ya

  11. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    And the stone is melting lol… But the babe don suffer gan o.

  12. Fsf says:

    Aunty Patricia,Patti Patti,When you go gree for Oga Isidore ?

  13. imotolab2014 says:

    EPICALLY EPIC! WOW! Isidore is the bomnb!

  14. Paula says:

    Patti don’t give up oh

  15. Kemi says:

    TM this got me thinking, women are passing through in marriage o,kai this is serious. Thanks for doing great job here

  16. Fijumokesayo says:

    I hope she will allow the good doc do a good job mending her heart, I love Isipat… Thanks TM, God bless you ma.

  17. mady says:

    Oh my!!!! dis s serios
    cnt wait 2 c em dating.
    nyc 1 TM

  18. Adebayo oluwatoyin says:

    I am new on life and spices.as much as I love this story, there are some chapter that are not complete like chapter eleven and some other chapter that I can’t remember. At the end of such chapter,there is Okoada.com. I dnt know if we are meant to the remainingpart of the story there. Pls I need a clarification on that. And I must say, that this story is superb.

    Thumb up

    • Welcome, Adebayo. Well, those missing chapters indicate that it’s no longer a free-read. And the link underneath is an easy-click link to take you to Okadabooks where it is now placed and priced. Should you want to finish the story, use the link and make a purchase. Thank you for appreciating the story. God bless

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