Key To My Heart



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SHE wasn’t going there to meet him. Of course, she wasn’t. It was morning still, still fifteen or so minutes shy of midday, so he’d be at the medical centre.

She wouldn’t even be going there now if Mama-Onye hadn’t called with a request for dry fish and some of their yellow pepper, Patti added the thought to finish off her excuse.

No, it wasn’t excuse. It was the fact of things.

She was going to the Obinze compound to deliver an order just as she had done many times in the past. That was it. And stop thinking about it, she ordered herself.

But the thought was there as she stopped in front of the house, and it brought on a scowl when she noted Isidore’s Venza at the side of the house.

She wasn’t here for him. Period.

“Good morning, Mama-Onye.” Patti greeted brightly. “Came as soon as I can, and took the liberty to add a portion of the goat meat Nnadim had Ofunne dry yesterday.”

“Ever the generous heart.” Mama-Onye received the bag with a beam. “My ofe-aku will be a hit then.”

“Ewo! Now you mention ofe-aku, my mouth has started to water.”

“Then you will have to visit tomorrow for that is when I plan to prepare it and have Ozioma pound some good fufu.”

She would have accepted, readily. But she couldn’t risk their paths crossing. “I will take a rain check, Mama-Onye, for tomorrow is going to be very busy for me.”

“Worry not. I will send a plate over for you and Nnadim.” The old woman promised. “I will send Ozioma if Isidore is not better then.”


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26 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    Hehehe ghen ghen!. E don dey happen.

  2. jojodia says:

    I love Isidore. He’s got a good heart. I love this story.
    Awww, I just love looooovvvvveeee.

  3. mercy says:

    awwww….uv got me emotional TM.

  4. iyke david says:

    Isidore keep scoring without looking back!
    I love straight forward approach!
    Gradually pulling Pattis deffence down!
    TM,Nne you are too much.

  5. Roselyn says:

    So loooOoooooving this. Fire on doctor for Patti will surely be yours. A big hug and plenty kisses to yo TM.

  6. Ella mum says:

    Patti’s defence is breaking down gradually. I like that cos love is a beautiful thing

  7. Datoks says:

    I just love this Doctor, Patti will fall in,love with him before she knows it.

  8. Patience Bassey says:

    Love is the doctor of the heart, Patti, you’ve just met your doctor

  9. chichi says:

    wow,i love ds…Love Doctor Isidore.

  10. Kemi says:

    Yeah. Dr keep on doing what you know how to do best. TM u rock

  11. Tohira says:

    Tm youre da best you got me laughing sheepishly.more grease to your elbow.

  12. Ego says:

    Isidore the love doctor…. Patti u don fall finish. Tanx TM

  13. Adefunke says:

    wow. Doctor Isi is just too forward, I like that

  14. Uchechukwu says:

    Am jus so luvin Isidore’s approach. Many more ink to ur pen TM

  15. Gannie_perrie says:

    Tm… U are too much.. It’s spicy

  16. Fsf says:


  17. Paula says:

    Awwwwwww…..now I want that pepper soup too.

  18. imotolab2014 says:

    awww……so sweet!

  19. Gosh, you guys love LOVE too much… lmao

  20. mady says:

    na so it dey strt…

  21. Rejoice says:

    Was reading dis while discussing wit my friends and i ws jst smiling sheepishly. Dr Isidore is so on point Tm always d best jst learned abt d hot bottle water therapy

  22. Rejoice says:

    Will definitely give it a trial.tnx

  23. Tee says:

    I am a “professional” ghost reader. I started reading keys to my heart yesterday. I’m on esp 9 at the moment and it’s incomplete, I’ve checked 10 and 11 and it’s the same thing. The link to get the e-book says it’s not available anymore. I do I get the remaining episodes of the story please?

    As you can see this brought me out of the shadows.

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