Key To My Heart



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HE rattled the iron-cast knocker that swung down the side of the gate. He hadn’t knocked first time he’d stopped by, he was doing so this time.

“Who’s there?” A part of the pedestrian side of the gate creaked open.

“Isidore Obinze.” He edged closer to the gate.

“Oh, doctor.” There was a rattle and then the gate was pulled open. “Why, good evening, doctor.” Callistus beamed, stepped back to allow him through. “Welcome to Mezie Farm.”

The beauty about small towns was that everyone knew everyone, kind of. And everyone was mostly nice—except the one he was after to see that evening.

“Good evening, Cally.” Isidore remembered him from seeing him at the medical centre once. He hadn’t known he worked here then. “I am here to see Patti.”

“Really?” The quick flash in Callistus’ eyes said he might have heard about what went on at the cookout yesterday. “Well, she is inside. I think she’d be at the vegetable farm at this time of the day. Just walk down that way and follow through to the back.”

“Thank you.”

Isidore followed his direction, walking across the sandy pathway whilst taking in the scenery. The house, an old brick one, was set dead centre of the yard. He caught the sight of several fish wells at the right end of it but thought better of veering off to have a look. Best if he attended to matters in a priority-based order.

“What are you doing here?” Were Patti first words upon sighting him.

“Aren’t you always the friendly one.”


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Dedication: For all June & July Celebrants, may your lives be blessed.

**Couldn’t make it yesterday with Margaret X. Will see if I can between tomorrow and Monday. Cheers, everyone**

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22 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. favour says:

    Patti is definitely gonna take more work than others Doc,so get ready……

  2. As you comment, please if you registered your email for alerts, let me know if you still get them. I’m worried JetPack is malfunctioning. Thanks.

  3. iyke David says:

    Go Isidore! Go!

  4. Nykky says:

    Doc your approach is strong kind of.I hope Patti fall for it o. I get email alert when you post. Happy weekend TM

  5. Patience Bassey says:

    Keep hoping Isidore

  6. mady says:

    hmmm..we r also hoping wif u doc.

  7. Uchechukwu says:

    U r in for it patti. Emmmm TM I didn’t get oo

  8. Joan says:

    *grabs popcorn*
    It gets more interesting as the plot unfolds. Well done ma’am.

    I get the email alerts for new posts.

    Have a great weekend ma’am!

  9. kulvivi says:

    doctor in action

  10. Roselyn says:

    Hmmmmmmm! Patti’s territory, will soon be conquered. Imela TM, have a great weekend

  11. Roselyn says:

    Yes ooo! I do get e-mail alerts ma’am

  12. Datoks says:

    Am so lovinv this Doctor….

  13. Funto says:

    Thanks TM thumbs up so loving Doctor catching her unaware

  14. Paula says:

    I entered and register but I stopped getting alerts but I get it when you tweet about it.

  15. I get alerts.
    I completely understand Patti, I hope with time you can learn to let go.

  16. Ella mum says:

    Patti will need d hard way persuasion. TM well-done

  17. Toyenlon says:

    Patti had a really rough or should I say bad love life, no wonder she’s behaving like that. But the heart wants what it wants, she can only resist for a while. I still get alert, thanks.

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