All My Thanks

I want to simply, and from the very depth of my heart, thank everyone for the support given me yesterday when we were all dealing with the content theft and copyright infringement issue.

To say I was touched and grateful for your responses and actions towards the matter would be putting it mildly.

Indeed we are family here. I pray that God blesses everyone and shields them from the path of the enemy. Not just you, but your family and your properties too.

An update would be that I spent the night going through this Facebook Page where I found my TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE and have been working on getting it out of there all morning. Whilst most of the pages with my work have been taken down, I still find some pages and these I have, right now, reported to Facebook.

Once more, I sincerely thank everyone and may God bless you all.

Much love.

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25 Responses to All My Thanks

  1. favour says:


    More thieving pages and people…..oh well….they must all be taken down

    Awon Ole

    • hahahaha. Oh dear Favour, the number of works on that FB Page and their brag that they have over a 100 stories for when they move to their website shocks me. People’s hard-written work (if there’s such a thing) misused to so blatantly. And then they will leave messages on their walls, and even to you, that make you out to be the bad guy. #the-world-we-live-in

  2. Utchayy says:

    You’re a very good writer no doubt. they just couldn’t ignore your interesting stories.

  3. iyke david says:

    Once again, you are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mystiq18 says:

    You have no idea the soilders you have here …just blow d bigo n we will come to the rescue… Am glad u were able to get them down but me am still fasting for them

  5. Nykky says:

    You are welcome. Your stories are to good to be ignored but they are too arrogant to beg for it. Just keep doing your thing and find out how you can better protect your work.

  6. mercy says:

    too little too late too was stolen?! o crios o!chai….there’s got to b a way around ds.we gat ur back always TM.this minute I wish I was a hacker n cd hack n deal with ds Cassy magazine once n fr all.awon ole gbogbo,mtchew

  7. jojodia says:

    Ehn Ehn. So they also stole others. Chei, really shameless people. Using someone’s property to gain fame.

    TM look for ways to lock your stories o, so that they can’t copy them. I hear u can’t even copy or transfer stories on okadabooks.com. Maybe you should ask them how they did it.

    We will always stand by you.

    • Okadabooks is using DRM. It’s a kind of mobile protection for eBooks and stores, wherein you can’t download the eBooks outside the store’s App or website. I don’t think WordPress has such provisions for blogs. I, in fact, put up measures I could and in tri-format. I uploaded plugins that block of Copy & Paste and also block off right click. But Opera Mini Mobile defies such measures… that is the way Opera Mini is made and that is why certain sites like Interswitch block the use of Opera Mini on their websites. But anyone serious to rob a site’s content can use Javascript to counter whatever blocks you input. I am working at doing more. But I’ve done something today and that keeps me alerted. Will just keeping doing my best. Thanks dear lady

  8. Paula says:

    There ought to be a way to get them for this. Why is Facebook being so complacent about it all

    • I hassled Facebook yesterday so tey dem warn me say make I no dey reply their message… lmao. But thus far, its all been settled. Facebook acted fast on my reports today (who want TM wahala, lol) and as far as I can see, nothing of mine is there. But I don’t trust them. Have another FB Page to deal with tomorrow. And will still be searching thru their pages. Una thank you jare

  9. Ego says:

    Hiaan, Too little Too late too? These people are really mean o but God sure pass them sha

  10. Ella mum says:

    Aha some people sef.Tm no vex again u hear.na common sense dem lack. Pls just secure ur blog with double padlock. Agbaya PNA im dem be

  11. Toyenlon says:

    You are welcome, it is well.

  12. kulvivi says:

    Baba God go reward their effort as e fit dem. greater u ma all d way

    • Bybarh dearie, this blog you’re reading has a minimum of three of those disable copy and paste plugins installed. The Digiprove copyright box you see under every post carries it and there is the main WP Copy-Protect. If you don’t see it on your Android, it is either a clear case of Android “protection” or a case of sneaky browsers. I use a Windows mobile device and apart from Opera Mini which clearly defies these protections, all other browsers from the Windows store cannot right-click this blog. And on my PC it is completely impossible. But even if all works accordingly, there is a Java-script that defies such plugins too. It is not about disabling copy-paste, it is about being as alert as I can be… and also hoping my readers join me in being alert. They will steal blogs’ contents… that’s what they do. But it is for us bloggers and especially writers, to be on the alert and to hunt them down. That is what I’m trying to do now. And with God as my help, I can keep my eyes open.

      Thanks, Byb

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