Key To My Heart



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“SORRY?” He couldn’t have heard correctly, could he?

“Oh, it wasn’t just him, but what does that matter now?” Patti shrugged and cracked open another groundnut bud.

She hadn’t told him without purpose. She had done it because it was her experience that men lost interest in a woman who’d been previously married. Except for Ben—but then he wasn’t entirely serious about her either.

“You have been married before?”

She threw him a glance. “Yes. For two good years.” It had been for twenty-one months, but why bother with the exactitude of details?

“I see.” He didn’t at all. No, he didn’t. And he didn’t like that he was feeling… what exactly was he feeling? “So you were married and obviously came out of it bitter, and wounded. Little wonder you’re always antagonistic towards me. I’m paying for the sin of another man. The rest of us men will have to pay for the sin of this one man, right?”

“First thing, I’m not bitter. And no one is paying for anything, neither am I antagonistic towards you…”

“Oh, but you are.” Isidore broke in, irritated afresh. And with her, this time. “But I recall now that you’re quite friendly with Ben. You obviously don’t have a problem with him being a man and having some kind of interest in you.”

“Ben doesn’t really have any interest in me. It is all circumstantial. I am without a partner and so he figures he should try his hand.”

“Is that so?” Why the dismissive tone irritated him even more, Isidore did not know. “And are you trying your hand with him too? Because as far as the gossip mill have told me, he too is without a partner.”

“I just told you, I have no interest, none whatsoever, in any man.” Patti dumped the shells of groundnut in the bucket provided for it and dusted off her hands. “I don’t know what you’re after, Dr Isidore, but I should warn you that you would only be harming yourself if you waste your time building up any hopes where I’m concerned.”

“And what makes you think that I will be building any hopes where you’re concerned?”

Patti looked at him. “I know how men like you think. City-bred men only out to seduce, conquer and toss aide a woman when done.”

“Is that what he did—seduced, conquered you and tossed you aside when he was done?”


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Dedication: For all June & July Celebrants, may your lives be blessed.

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17 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. Roselyn says:

    Wow! I now understand Patti’s attitude better. Let’s see if our dear doctor will be able to find the Key to her Heart. TM, so sorry about yesterday. That hoodlum will be paid in his own coin. Thanks for still posting after all that wahala.

  2. Nykky says:

    Let’s hope our Doctor will be patient enough to find where Patti buried the key and unlock the door. TM thanks for this post and not allowing that thief stop you from doing your thing it’s well my Sister. Some of his followers came after me after replying all their comments that he is their and send them here. Some of them actually agree it was bad. Jeffrey did same thing. You are loved

    • Thank you all. I saw the post he left saying people should not come and incite trouble on his page… imagine that. I am just grateful for all of your helps. God bless you all

  3. mercy says:

    hmmmn….way to go doctor!I so love a man in action. ..hahaha….N tx fr posting this TM.

  4. iyke david says:

    Thumbs up for Isidore
    I only pray that he uses the KEY wisely to safely open the locked DOOR!

  5. Pacesetter says:

    let’s see how d doctor opens d door. thanks TM for dis piece.

  6. Datoks says:

    Our dear doctor will definitely unlock the door

  7. Never say never dear Patti.

  8. Eby says:

    Thanks Anuty TM for the update. Understanding Patti wella. So sorry for what happened yesterday for the hoodlums every day for the thief but one the for the owner of the house

  9. Ego says:

    Isidore sure knows how to get what he wants and for the single fact that he shares same bitter past experience with Patti only makes them good match for each other. Tanx TM for sharing

  10. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    Patti should get head outta her Ass jor….

    TM check your mail.

  11. Joan says:

    About yesterday; I dedicate “roar” by Katy Perry to you.

    About today’s gist; Patti has kept the key to her heart within Isidore’s reach.

    Thanks so much ma’am; for everything!

  12. Toyenlon says:

    I like Isidore’s approach, direct attack, Patti doesn’t need subtle at all. Thanks TM, nice one.

  13. mady says:

    hmmm. .lets c if u really hid d key well den

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