There is nothing that raises bile up to my tongue as the report or the finding out that once again I am being robbed of my intellectual property.

There is nothing I despise more than petty, moral-less thieves!

How could you? How dare anyone visit my blog… here on Life and and you dare to steal from me? How dare you copy and paste my work without my due permission?

And you dare to think that appending my name to your un-permitted use of my work clears you of the guilt of stealing? You dare to think that that makes it all right to get down to copying and pasting my story on your Facebook page?… Or anywhere else your thieving mind tells you to?

Did I make a request of publicity to you or to your company?

Have I communicated to anyone… ANYONE AT ALL… that I need any form of publicity for my works?

I write and post for the sole pleasure that you read, your enjoy and if it pleases you, you leave a remark. I do not write and post for free that the thieving clans of this world should come in here and settle down to copy and paste my work via their mobile devices.

Cassie Magazine, and whoever you are here as my reader, you are a thief. A petty, moral-less, brazen thief!

I am disgusted to the very pit of my stomach that any of my readers would be one of them defrauding me of my intellectual property. But then again, it has always been so. People for whom I give the free pleasure of my work, stealing from me… I say to you, YOU ARE CURSED!!!

You have bitten the finger that freely fed you and so you are cursed!

The commandment of God in Exodus 20:15 says “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.”

It is an all-encompassing commandment. Thou shalt not steal money. Thou shalt not steal clothing. Thou shalt not steal meat from your mother’s pot of soup. That shalt not steal people’s intellectual properties. And thou shalt not justify stealing!

Don’t tell me you appended my name to my work! I never asked you to steal it and give me credit for your complete disregard for my person and my work and play me for a cheap fool!

Of satan, Jesus said in John 10:10A: “The thief comes only to STEAL, to kill and to destroy.”

Are you a thief? Stealing people’s works? You are the son or daughter of satan. He is your father and like him, judgment shall come upon you and you shall perish with him.

Let no man here tell me about forgiveness.

It is your so-called spirit of forgiveness that has the world ripped and torn with thieves and brigands and rapists and murderers and we know them and we dare not (because we hide behind the cowardly excuse of being ‘Christians’) speak against them.

Hear me, everyone who visits Life and, you are not at liberty to use my work without my due written permission. I repeat: WITHOUT MY DUE WRITTEN PERMISSION.

Hear me again, if you dare to steal from me, I place this curse upon you (I restrain from cursing your generations to come for I hate to curse the innocent), you copy and paste my work elsewhere, YOU WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING OF INTEGRITY AND RIGHT JUDGMENT ALL THE REST OF YOUR DAYS!!! A thief you chose to be, a thief you shall die!

And finally hear me again, there is every likelihood I might not give you permission to use my work. I am like that… ask the plenty, I have turned down their requests. But my saying no, means only one thing: NO! And it means: “KEEP OFF MY WORK!” If I tell you no, whether politely or impolitely, Keep off. Don’t play the Opera-Mini copy and paste trick on me. Don’t go about the world wide web rattling how TM David-West is rude and thinks too much of herself.

You are talking Crap!

I don’t owe it to anyone to give my works to them. It is mine, and mine to do with as I please.

Today, as a child of God, and a servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I call upon the God who said “vengeance is mine”, Rise in my stead, Lord! For anyone who from this day onward robs me of any of my intellectual properties, let the judgment of God fall hard on you and yours.

If you have no fear of God, or doubt me capable of putting my knees to the ground and making utterances against you, steal my work again. I dare you. Oh, I dare you! Your days will be cut short. And if they are not cut short, they will be spent in shame and misery. As the thief runs un-pursued and ever-with-fear, so you shall run until you come to your expected end.

This is my blog. Life and is mine. You want a story of mine, get in touch with me. I say no, Keep off. I say yes, obey the rules I will give… for surely I will give you some. Every work created and written by TM David-West is copyright protected and if you infringe on my copyright, you will pay. But the payment is a curse.

I don’t have time with courts and human judgments yet. They are for now un-affordable to me. But oh, I can afford the judgment of God and I have right to it.

I warn everyone, EVERYONE!!! Your business here is to READ, REMARK AND RESPECT MY PROPERTIES. You have no right to COPY & PASTE anything, anywhere.

And let me take this opportunity to thank Ziza, who alerted me. I usually check online monthly for these things but I have not checked for some weeks now. Thank you, Ziza. And thanks to all who have in the past alerted me of the theft of my work.

But I will like to state here, and I quote Proverbs 29:24, “The partner of a thief, hates his own life; he hears the curse, but discloses nothing.” And I dare add, “he shall partake of same curse.”

The one who buys the stolen properties brought over by a thief, and knowing them to be stolen, is guilty of same crime by accessory. That is the law of man and the law of God. You like to read, that doesn’t mean you should frequent blogs, websites and Facebook pages where people’s intellectual properties are illicitly displayed. What is heartbreaking is that such sites and pages have more visitors than the average fiction-based site… and why not?

They can afford to post episodes of an already written, and a stolen work, daily and readers are greedy enough to enjoy that unattainable factor. If they were indeed the writers of such work and spent days and weeks and months working on creating a story, do you think they will so easily, and so blatantly, post them? Do you think that is even possible?

Let us beware of what we do and the sins we share in. Beware!

And as I end this, I want to state that should anyone be in the mood to utter words like “TM, take it easy.” There’s nothing to take easy here. As offended as you are when physically robbed by armed robbers, so I am for I have been robbed of my intellectual property by someone who freely was allowed into my house.

And if you are tempted to make trivial what I am saying here by comments such as “TM is ranting or have vex.” STOP IT! Don’t you do it! It is time that we grow up and we become, ALL OF US, responsible. It is irresponsibility to make trivial an all important matter such as Piracy, Copyright Infringements and Intellectual Property thefts. It is irresponsibility to make light of it… but then, you might be next and let me hear you make jocular the matter.

By the name of the God, who made heaven and earth, that I serve, the day I find HOUSE ON THE HILL anywhere, I will dedicate nine whole days to settling the destiny of the soul unfortunate enough to test TM David-West.

Know that I will never give permission to anyone to use that particular story. And know that I will never post it anywhere else.

For those who care enough about TM David-West to read my thoughts, I thank you. And I beg you to feel free to spread the ‘good news’ that TM David-West guards her works jealously. As you help preserve what is mine, God will stand as a Guard over your home and your properties and preserve what is yours now and forever.



Something made me linger on that page and I started to cross check my titles and found that this daughter, or son, of discord, copy-pasted my SWEET FORBIDDEN and dared to change the tile to “FORBIDDEN FRUIT”. My work changed its title by a common thief??? Your destiny shall be robbed and changed for evil!!!