I was just told by the “thieving characters” who not only infringed on my copyright claim on THE MARRIAGE ULTIMATUM but also changed the title of SWEET FORBIDDEN to FORBIDDEN FRUIT and used it on their Facebook page, that disabling right-click, CTRL-C and CTRL-J is not the solution to not having my works robbed off this site.

While I knew that Opera Mini defies such inputted regulations and makes it easier for “thieves” to steal works off the web, I am also told that Opera Mini is not even what was used by them.

Did I ask them what they used?

No. I don’t make deals with the devil!!!

But I will not have my work stolen and robbed anymore. I need a lawyer and I need a hungry, desperate, know-what-he’s-about lawyer. A lawyer willing to persecute until we bankrupt “copyright thieves”. If you know such a lawyer, get in touch with me on: tmdavidwest@lifeandspices.com.

This is WAR!

I have declared the war. I will not stop writing and posting free-reads, not until I decide to do so of my own free will and for my own reasons.

But I want everyone visiting Life and Spices.com to know that today I lay a curse upon anyone stealing my work through whatever means and using them wherever. You will never make good success! You will be robbed and cheated of your hard earned glory and of your hard work all the days of your life! You will be violated and stripped of all honour!

Beware! Life and Spices.com is a fiction-based blog but all stories herein are properties of TM DAVID-WEST and should not be used WITHOUT MY DUE PERMISSION.

If you are here and are my reader and have been robbing me, plan to rob me, know someone robbing me, stop following me! GO! I don’t fraternize with criminals and I have no apologies for not doing so. I am in need of millions of followers and readers but I will not sacrifice the work of my talent and intellect just so to get it.

When I am well recovered, we will continue with Key To My Heart. For now, I am going to hound Facebook and find out why they no longer respond to copyright infringement reports.


If you know any way at all I can counter these thefts, also get in touch with me. Thank you.