Key To My Heart



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PATTI was still asserting to herself that she was done with men and with love—and with relationships, even as she entered into the house. And because all her assertions didn’t seem to be taking the firm hold they usually did, her face was masked in a scowl as she jerked up the polythene-bag in her hand.

“Your Diclofenac, with instructions on how to take them.” She deposited the bag on the wooden centre table with too much energy. “Why aren’t you beaming and thanking me?”

“Why didn’t you pick your calls?” Nnadim countered with a scowl of his own.

“What calls?” Patti’s scowl switched to a puzzled frown.

“I called you three times.” Nnadim clucked. “I wanted to tell you to get me my Yoghurt drink from Obi and I wanted some of those salted crackers.”

“I didn’t get any calls.” Patti slipped her hand into the back pocket of her denim trousers and then she remembered—and swore aloud. “I think I left my phone at the clinic.”

She’d brought it out to take Jindu’s new mobile number while visiting her and her new-born baby but she hadn’t replaced it in her pocket. No, she’d held it in her hand and—and she’d set it down on the doctor’s table when he’d invited her to sit down.

And she hadn’t even noticed. Hadn’t had the presence of mind to note anything because she’d been abnormally nervy in his office.

Patti’s scowl returned and became a dark glower. “Blind gods of the land, I forgot my phone on his table in the clinic!”

“If the gods really existed, they will blind you for calling them blind.” Nnadim told her. But his own crossness had drifted off at the turning of events. “What were you thinking that you forgot your phone there? You never forget anything.” He purposely needled her, and was enjoying doing so.

“I wasn’t thinking anything!” Her cheeks went hot as Patti sputtered out the denial. “I met Kika and her mother there, he was attending to her when I arrived and so I waited. Then they were through and he asked me to sit down while he got your medication and…” she stopped herself, in time she privately thought, before she succeeded in embarrassing herself. “I wasn’t thinking anything, I just forgot the stupid phone there.”

The glare she tossed at him didn’t distress Nnadim in the least. “You will have to go back and get the stupid phone then.” He returned with a jaunty smile.

Patti didn’t like his smile, or the fact that she has to go back to the clinic. But she couldn’t do anything about either—except to scowl even harder, and swear under her breath. “I guess I have to. But just know that this waste of my precious time is your fault. If you hadn’t been nagging me to go get your medication, I wouldn’t have been so absentminded with worry to have forgotten my phone.”

It pleased her immensely to blame this on him and to glare at him as she did. But the smile that only broadened told her that her blame-game wasn’t having any effects at all.

“Just take that medicine and be sure to take your afternoon rest.” She snapped out the order, as a last resort. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Don’t forget my Yoghurt and the crackers.”

“Stop nagging me, old man!” Patti muttered the words as she flung through the front door.

Imagine that, going to the clinic and forgetting her phone there—and in his office too! For blistering heaven’s sake, if she was going to forget her phone, why couldn’t she have forgotten it on Jindu’s bedside locker where she had used it, eh?

And why must she forget it at all? Since when, indeed, did she begin to forget things?

A hiss and a curse pealed out of Patti as she jumped back into her truck and backed into their stone-paved driveway. She was so going to hate having to see him twice in just one day. She didn’t even like the man and now she had to put up with seeing him more than once in one freaking day—darn it!

She waited for Callistus to open the gate, ignored the questioning stare he threw at her and sped through the gates, then yanked her foot to the brake pedal at the sight of the dark grey Venza wagon pulling up at the foot end of the fence.

Her dissatisfied look shifted into a major frown when the driver’s side door pushed open and the doctor—Isidore got down from the wagon. What was he doing here? And then she saw her phone in his hand and the question became, he’d brought her phone home to her?

Not caring that she was frowning where she should be smiling in gratitude for whatever graciousness had prompted his actions, Patti flung open her door and got down.

“I am surprised to see you here, doctor. Came for the house call after all?” Sheer perverseness made her ignore the phone in his hand and focus her cool gaze directly on him.

“Not here for the house call—unless of course if you consider it necessary after all.” Isidore knew, somehow he did, that she’d seen the phone and was choosing to pretend that she hadn’t. “Brought you back your phone.” He raised it. “You forgot it on my table.”

“I did. I just realised it and was coming to get it, myself.” Her dear mother if she was still alive would have been ashamed of her for her lack of good manners. But she wasn’t here, and so Patti used that lack of good manners to shield that odd nerviness that had returned. “Thank you for bringing it here but you shouldn’t have bothered. I’m sure you must have things to do at the clinic other than rushing out to deliver a forgotten phone.”

Somehow her rudeness didn’t surprise, or even offend, him. But it sure puzzled him. “Do you have a problem with being friendly, polite and appreciative? Or is it me you have a problem with?”

Patti made her eyebrows to arch up. “I don’t know you, doctor…”

“My name is Isidore. I told you that and I also told you I’d prefer you call me that.” The fact that her eyes flashed at his interruption pleased him—a whole lot. “What’s your problem, Patti? Can’t treat a man nice, is that it? Because I was thinking maybe you’re generally ill-mannered and rude—” her quick hiss amplified his pleasure. “But Mama-Onye keeps saying nice things about you and then I’ve seen you show complete friendliness to people you meet at my office—like Aunty Nurse, Kikanwa and her mother—and so I am beginning to think that it must be me, or men in general you have a problem with.”

Standing there, watching her with cocky speculative eyes, in a plain sky-blue short-sleeved shirt tucked into plain straight-legged cotton trousers, he looked good—handsome. But Patti didn’t want to think about his looks. She never, again, thought about the looks of a man—any man.

“I don’t have a problem with you, Isidore.” Her tone was cool. “I don’t know you enough to have a problem with you.”

“Then it must be men generally you have a problem with.”

She hated his interruption and his increased cockiness. And that smug smile that tugged around his mouth! “I don’t have a problem with anyone. If you find me rude and ill-mannered,” she pulled up her shoulders carelessly, “that would be your problem and I don’t care in the least.” She reached for her phone but he snapped back his hand.

“Say thank you first.”

Patti’s eyes glinted. “Please let me have my phone, Isidore.”

Her voice, her very husky voice, was dangerously low and Isidore found he liked the sound of it just at that muted pitch. The smile around his mouth widened. “I didn’t ask you to say please, I asked you to say ‘thank-you’.”

Temper snapped, but Patti controlled it. “You are ordering me to say thank you.” It wasn’t an order, she knew it. And she also knew she should thank him… she’d planned to, after getting the phone. But she won’t now. Not when he’d demanded it—and cockily too. “If you won’t give me back the phone, then I suggest you take it back to the clinic and leave it on your table, while I come get it myself… as I’d initially planned to.”

“You are very rude, aren’t you? And you enjoy being so… at least towards me.” Isidore chuckled, shook his head and turned. “Fine, I’m taking the phone back with me. But I’m not returning to the medical centre. I’m done for the day there—unless there’s an emergency and Nurse Carol calls me back. You want your phone, see me at my grandmother’s.”

He opened his car door, slid inside and then looked at her. She was standing there, staring open-mouthed at him. That astounded, speechless look amplified his pleasure—in leaps and bounds.

“See you later, Patti.” He called out cheerfully, gave a cheerful wave and then set the phone on his dashboard and started his car.

Patti watched him drive off—with her phone.

It was unbelievable! She found it unbelievable.

The man had just driven off with her phone, and to his house? Colour flooded to her cheeks. She felt the flood of it and the heat that accompanied it as her temper snapped, clutched and spread itself nicely over her, beginning a slow, seething simmer.

She whirled around, stormed back to her truck, jumped inside and kicked it to life. She wasn’t going to play his stupid game. Oh no, she wasn’t going to play his stupid, pompous-assed game! She was going to drive back to the house and completely ignore him. When he was tired of holding onto her phone, he would bring it back.

But instead of backing into the yard through the still open gates, Patti found herself pulling into the highway and cursing viciously as she drove into the town.

God, she hated men! And she hated city men most of all.

Dedication: For all June & July Celebrants, may your lives be blessed.

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33 Responses to Key To My Heart

  1. favour says:


    Stubborn and cranky Patti,really all men ain’t bad despite your past experience.

    Tm,please tell Patti that will you?

    Good read TM

  2. Fsf says:

    The start of something new

  3. Tosin says:

    Good for you Patti, it doesnt hurt to be polite after all. You can judge a man by other men’s bad character.

  4. chichi says:

    Lol…cant stop laughing…getting interesting TM,nice write up

  5. Nykky says:

    Good read as usual. Patti must be related to Samantha of UP fame lol. Welldone T.M and thank you for for dedicating today’s episode for me and my daughter today is my birthday and tomorrow my daughter’s. Wish us happy birthday o LS family

    • Wow! Look at that. I so love it, mother and daughter one day apart… sweet! Happy birthday, darling Nykky and the happiest day to your darling, sweet daughter. God bless you both and make your days fruitful and joy filled forevermore.

    • Toyenlon says:

      Happy birthday to you and your daughter, many happy returns of the day.

  6. jojodia says:

    ,,,,this her hate will eat her up.
    Biko na which kind temper be this nauuu? Hiannnnn, her anger can bring down a building.

    Thanks TM for sharing.

  7. favour says:

    Happy birthday Nykky.God’s blessings now and always

    Happy birthday in advance to your daughter,She shall continually bring you joy and be a beacon of hope to her generation.

    Stay blessed

  8. Datoks says:

    Am so loving this Doctor. Patti with hher stonghead. Thanks for the update TTM

  9. Datoks says:


  10. Patience Bassey says:

    Lol, Patti you are something else

  11. iyke david says:

    Isidore is on course!
    Playing hard to get did not start today!!!!!!!!

  12. Jeffrey Jamez says:

    This one will just die of hatred for Men…mchew

  13. Pele o Patti.
    Happy birthday Nykky and a splendid one to your daughter.

  14. Toyenlon says:

    Hahaaha…lol, i like the way Isidore treated her, let her go for the phone and experience mama onye’s manipulations too. Happy new month TM.

  15. Roselyn says:

    Lol, Patti, Patty, na small small the thing dey start. Kudos to you doctor, she go know how far. Thanks TM. Happy birthday dear Nykky and your darlyn daughter.

  16. Nykky says:

    Thank you all my beautiful people at LS fam for your love God bless you.I feel loved thank you all

  17. Justice says:

    Patti dear soft pedal…….it will do you alot good

  18. Treasure says:

    women must not always fall like pack of cards, men of these days needs enough challenge.

  19. imotolab2014 says:


  20. Paula says:

    Patti ntoiiiii

  21. mystiq18 says:

    Chai Patti!! Patti! ur up tightness will not save u from cupid’s arrow

  22. Ella mum says:

    Patti good for u. Aha common thank u won’t kkill. It seems that patti don’t want to fall in love abi. TM pls advice her that she should not get it twisted cos love is a beautiful thing. ‘Wink’

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