Giveaway – The Winners

Wow! This certainly didn’t happen like I thought it would happen. Lol.

Okay, we’ve gone past our scheduled timeline… my waiting was also in hope that power would be restored.

So, let’s call the winners and announce titles and prices. Gotta to tell you guys, your guessing-game is lame. Lol.

But it’s been fun and only winners take a prize *aw*


  1. Sylvia
  2. Mystiq18

Ladies, I was hoping for PPD (Postpartum depression) for Melvina’s problem. But maybe I should have stated ‘ailment’ not problem. Congratulations ladies, to cash in your discount you have to purchase directly from me via bank transfer or alert me on giving you a discount code to use the eStore here.



She came out of nowhere and won herself a price. Lmao.

Congratulations, LadyMay.

Title of the Novelette: TALL GLASS OF RED WINE





Glowing Kosnie.

Congratulations, Kosnie.

First-meet: ON A DATING SITE


I now crave the indulgence of  all winners and prospective buyers have to be patient. No power and my battery is running on low. Had to type this first on phone before getting on the PC. I will begin upload as soon as Power is restored.


Unconventional Proposal – #700

Here and on Okadabooks.


Here and on Okadabooks.

WAITING FOR LOVE – #150 @ LS estore and #175 @ Okadabooks.

TALL GLASS OF RED WINE – #100 @ LS eStore and #125 @ Okadabooks.

Note this is a mix of a novel, a novella and 2 novelettes.

In the next week, I’ll be talking ‘The Writing of UP & The Writing of the Novelettes‘ and also the ‘My Pricing Method‘.

Congratulations to winners and welcome back once again to business as usual on lifeandspices.com.

Thank you.

*eBook Purchase made easier! Via: *RECHARGE CARD PINS!*

14 Responses to Giveaway – The Winners

  1. Glowing Kosnie says:

    Yippee!!! Am a winner though I got just one right…Thanks TM am really very grateful

  2. favour says:


    Rubs palm in anticipation.TM yaff done it,she yaff did it…Wait what am I saying?oya correct yourself,TM is do it.4books?all at once?OMG

    I can’t wait to dig in,totally cant

  3. mercy says:

    awww….I came late…😧😢.good to have you back TM

  4. iyke David says:

    Congrats to the winners.gudnight……….

  5. Nykky says:

    Congratulations to the winners. But this context get as e be o considering that today is Sunday Church things you know. Next time maybe you should bring it up on our normal blog days the more the merrier. So when do we begin to buy them

    • Sweerie, I’m sorry I brought it on today. Purchase can begin now sef. I have published 3 of them already on Okadabooks and getting set to publish the 4th one. Here on the blog, 2 have been published and the 3rd loading. Sorry, mi loff *wink*

  6. Essencecj says:

    I’m sorry I havnt been putting up any comments for long now. Been a little busy. Keep up d good work though.

  7. Congratulations to the winners. PHCN do give Maama light.

  8. Treasure says:

    opening my okada Book app is wahala. I have even uninstalled it

  9. Treasure says:

    what’s the game all about?

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