House on the Hill


“…it is not an end. It is a new beginning.”


MOYO WRUNG AND TWISTED her fingers as she sat on the hospital bench. Her mouth moved repeatedly with her mutters of prayer.

They’d found Ebun on the floor of his bedroom, a few feet away from the shelf with the ladder on top of him. That was how the boss had said he’d met him; for when she’d run into the room, she’d found him trying to lift Ebun up as he made deep groaning sounds of pain.

It had been a long drive to the State Specialist Hospital, Akure. Even with the high-speed Jaguar, the journey had been long… too long.

Moyo pressed her palm against her mouth, struggled to bite back her sob. He was in the operating theatre now. The doctors had said something about a vertebral fracture. She didn’t know exactly what that is; she just wanted him to come out of that theatre, alive and well.

She looked at the boss. He was sitting at the other end of the bench. His posture was straight and appeared relaxed. But it was plain to see that he was in pain… in anguish. He’d had to yell when they’d first arrived with Ebun. He’d had to cuss when the nurses and doctors had been too horrified to touch Ebun.

One had even cried. “Oh my God! What is this?”

It had been a horrible half-hour. A wasted half-hour that had dangerously shortened Ebun’s chances of survival. But he will be fine, Moyo chanted the words, resuming her mutters of prayer. He will be fine. Please God make him fine.


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43 Responses to House on the Hill

  1. Adefunke says:

    not fair, tears and more tears, y did you have to take our Ebun?? yy…

  2. Ego says:

    Oh Lord why Ebun, wat I have been afraid of finally happened. Can’t even stop my tears from flowing as I read thru, so so sad

  3. Paula says:

    Just sniffing and crying in the staff bus. Don’t even know sef.
    Ebun is at rest, feel so bad for Maje . Truth is life is not a fairytale

  4. Funto says:

    Awwwwwwwwww ebunoluwa not fair was hoping for maje ND moyo…….. Thanks TM for the lovely piece.

  5. bola says:

    I was crying through out d reading. TM is not fair oo , I told u he must not die now. But I know he is happy where he is. He came to life & touches life of many pple. Welldone TM, I learn a lot of lessons from dis story

  6. Jeanfortune says:

    no this ain’t fair at all, hmmm, veery saaad

  7. sabelle concepts says:

    Tm not fair..not fair at all. Why did ebun die.

  8. I knew TM was gonna kill him!…the signs were there lol… but all in all… I LOVE THIS STORY!!…. TM.. TAKE A BOTTLE OF WINE on me!!….. bravo!!….

    Waiting for the sequel.! Hehehe

  9. favouriteshades says:

    See me fighting tears

    What a great story Tm

    Thank you

  10. jojodia says:

    TM, I do not know what adjective to use in describing how u broke my heart. Why would u kill off d one character that had so much love in him that even knowing this is a fiction, I could feel the love calm me from the lines of the story.

    Oh, how I cried today. Ebun’s death just brought up so many sad memories….like this month is my beloved dad’s remembrance. my heart is in pains.

    TM, I am really sad.

    Enjoy ur Weekend.

  11. chic says:

    Oh dear! I cried and my head hurts.
    TM thanks for sharing, God bless you.
    pls who are nnem and cheks? your grandma and brother?

  12. Aanu says:

    Wow…..so touching….just goes a long way to say anywhere we find ourselves…we shld love and appreciate others……thumbs up TM

  13. Patience Bassey says:

    Aunty TM, why na? Its not fair at all #crying

  14. ella says:

    couldn’t stop crying, this is so painful, I can feel the hurt, the pains… oh, ebun! why would a man like Maje live with all these pains, life’s wicked! Chai!

  15. Nykky says:

    No comment for now maybe when my mood is better.

  16. Roselyn says:

    Couldn’t stop the tears. What a world! No matter who you are or where you find yourself, there is great need not to judge people by their looks and hear say. Love all but be very careful of who you trust. May God renew your strenght TM and have a superb weekend.

  17. Joy says:

    You have succeeded in making everyone sad….but it has been a beautiful story,written by a beautiful soul..thank you for this. Lesson learnt… Spread the love!

  18. Rejoice says:

    Why TM ehh? Why our own Ebun cant stp crying it’s so heartbreaking.tnx Aunt TM

  19. Homojem says:

    Nd it finally comes 2 an end. To sad 2 type more dan dis. tankz TM 4 sharing dis beautiful series.

  20. horllybee says:

    I just love this beautiful tragedy story,so nice as always and the end is wow,not below my expectations. TM,may God in his infinite mercies bless you and your family thanks…

  21. A unique story and lesson packed.
    More wisdom Maama.

  22. osas says:

    Oh my God… did ebun have to die?! I av vex jare.

  23. Bybarh says:

    EBUN had to go. Sorry, but he did… But why didn’t this turn out to be a romance? :)(

  24. Favour says:

    So sad. Adieu Ebunoluwa. You came, you saw, you changed life. Maje move on and try to find happiness again. Kudos TM, for this masterpiece.

  25. Amy says:

    I cried my way through this final episode!!! But I’m glad it ended well…

    TM, what else can I say but a very big thank you for being TM #lol#.. This story has thought me so much nd I’ll forever be grateful for that!!
    God bless you really good for not holding back this masterpiece…

    Ok!! #scratches throat#
    Anything cooking in your PC that we should look forward to?? #shy face#

  26. Toyenlon says:

    Oops, my comment has shown as a reply to another comment, well at least its showing somewhere…lol. Thanks TM for this great piece though emotional.

  27. Just when I thought it will end up in a love story I ended up weeping. And I was almost angry at Maje for being as old as 44 and not 34 or 36. I don’t like the sound of uncle Maje at all.

    TM this is a very captivating,emotional story. I enjoyed every word. You kept me on my toes from episodes 1 to 18. More ink to your pen,and more ideas for your mind, and more strength to write more….Thanks

  28. Fsf says:

    All is well that ends well, TM nice story.I guess if we all stop for a second,life isn’t all romance. We might encounter good and better friends. TM,that story from Alifediary days, the one about the lady that fell in love with a music star,how about the story of her friend (I guess am bluffing but TM please remind me)

  29. biodun says:

    Sad…very!…dunno stories that touch are still out there. thanks TM for this masterpiece. Had to read multiple times and memories…bitter-sweet, came flooding. God bless your memory card TM.

  30. iyke David says:

    You are very good in making shed tears!
    Chai, diars God oooooh!

  31. Asheadzi says:

    Weldone TM wonderful story..Felt bad for Moyo and Maje…Never thought Ebun will die..

  32. TM says:

    Which story, Fsf? Can’t remember any heroine falling in love with a music star.

    Oh… oh, just remembered as i was typing this… lol. You mean Un-Break My Heart? Okay, you want to know about Kike?

    Lol. Relax, i got plans for her by Nov/Dec of this year. It will be the last story of 2016.

    Can’t be sooner… too many stories on the making already.


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