House on the Hill



EBUN PICKED THE STATUETTE he’d varnished over the night. It was dry now and finally ready. His mouth curved with a happy smile as he looked it over, running his fingers over every slick, smooth curve. But it wasn’t only the finished statuette that was responsible for the joy he was feeling inside of him.

No, it wasn’t just that.

He’d had this joy inside of him since his birthday four days ago. Well, he supposed the joy had been growing since Moyo stopped cringing at the sight of him and started talking to him. And it all became real and solid as they became best of friends and then siblings.

He was happy. Like he’d never been in his life.

A thoughtful frown flickered over his face as he thought of Nana. She’d been his nanny and the housekeeper when he was very little—it must have been between his fourth and sixth birthday, Ebun figured, trying to remember the exact period. Those had been happy times too. Nana had been very kind to him too, like Moyo was. She too had loved him and had cared for him. She hadn’t cringed from him—or called him ugly or hideous.

She had taught him a few things. Like bathing himself. Getting dressed without the help of his father… or her help. She had taken care of him and had made him so happy. But she hadn’t been able to make his father happy.

That was the difference.

Moyo knew how to reach his father. He may rebuke her and yell at her sometimes—well, he hoped he won’t be doing so anymore. He hasn’t yelled or even been gloomy since his birthday celebration. It was a miracle he knew only Moyo had wrought—with her secret magic wand.



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32 Responses to House on the Hill

  1. favouriteshades says:


    First to comment, I must to koyet gift oh

    Now lemme gwan read,lols

  2. favouriteshades says:


    Pls EbunOluwa be okay

  3. jojodia says:

    Ah, TM don’t let anything bad happen to Ebun, I’ll not take it lightly with u rara o.

    I so love this story.

    Thank u plenty plenty TM for sharing.

  4. bola says:

    Please ooo TM Ebun most not die, he most not. Am afraid & crying already.

  5. No!!!…..No… no no no no no no no no no no!.. TM you cannot do this to me..no no no no!

  6. sabelle concepts says:

    Oya let my imagination run wild..and ebun would go to the hospital and the doctors have discovered a cure for him or maybe not*sad face*. Anywais thanks TM..now I can sleep

  7. Nykky says:

    ……And Ebun woke at the hospital and one thing led to the other and he got a cure from most of his deformities. Die bawo? no nau TM you rock jare just lending my thoughts

  8. Ego says:

    Actor no dey die for film na so our dearest Ebun is safe, might even be a blessing in disguise that this happened. Weldone ma’am

  9. iyke David says:

    I wish to have a sister like Moyo!

  10. Fsf says:

    Noooo,nooo,nooo,With a sister like Moyo,a brother like Ebun,an uncle like Solomon and a Father like Maje the world will be a perfect place to live in.TM, please don’t let it be the more you look the more you feel sad Biko

  11. osas says:

    Oh how I wish HOTH never ends!

  12. osas says:

    And why do I feel like this fall would make ebun normal? Hmm..

  13. kulvivi says:

    pls pls n pls ebun should be fyn oh. tanx ma’am

  14. hinnymi says:

    TM please, i beg you with every thing you hold dear…don’t let any evil befall our Ebun. *prayingfervently*
    I might have to read comments on the next episode before reading the story itself #soscared

  15. Hmmmmmm… All these comments breaking my heart #forreal

  16. Roselyn says:

    TM, noooooooooo! Plssssssss nothing should happen to Ebun ooooo! Thank you ma’am

  17. ella mum says:

    I pray Ebun will b aiit after d’fall. I love happy ending

  18. Amy says:

    Dear God, nothing should happen to Ebun

  19. horllybee says:

    hei Ebunoluwa?Ebunoluwa?? TM,don’t spoil my happy ending ooo.

  20. Toyenlon says:

    Hope Ebun will be alright at the end of the day cos Maje’s heart won’t take another disaster or tragedy.

  21. Angel says:

    Why are the episodes no longer complete?
    I just started reading HOTH today and from the 10th episode or so they became short and most of the story seems to be missing

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