House on the Hill


I did say it would end in Chapter 17, didn’t I? Well, I was wrong. There are too much events to be cramped into just 17, so it’s going to end in 18… that’s for sure. Enjoy 16 for today though *wink*


MAJE WOKE UP EARLY, as he usually did.

Truth be told, he hadn’t had much sleep the night before. He’d spent the entire evening, and most of the night, drowned in his grief. And it had been way past midnight before he had started reflecting on Moyo’s words to him. And somehow as he considered her desire to do something for Ebunoluwa, the anguish in his heart began to ease.

It was still there. It would forever be there, he knew that, and accepted his fate on that. But it was sort of indistinct now—less painful.

His jogger and trainer on, he opened his door and stepped out.

He met Moyo coming out of her room. She instantly halted upon seeing him; and her apprehensive stare told him she was still very much worried about the events of the day before.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Morning, Moyo.” He responded to her hasty greeting. “Did you have a good night?”

Moyo stared at him. She wasn’t sure how to respond. He didn’t look furious, or upset, anymore. “No, I didn’t, sir. I was unable to sleep the better part of the night.” She decided to go with the truth. “I want to apologise if I was too forward yesterday. I should not have spoken like I did, sir.”


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35 Responses to House on the Hill

  1. sabelle concepts says:

    Yipeee!. Brb

    • sabelle concepts says:

      Awwwwww…thank God no sad story today. Moyo is a good person. Stubborn but kind hearted, she’d rather please others than please herself. A toast to moyo* raise your glasses HOTH family* thanks for bringing sunshine to ebun, maje and oga solo

  2. And tears welled in my eyes.

  3. Sylvia says:

    And a tear slipped off Sylvia’s eye too.

  4. Feyisola says:

    Interesting episode.weldne TM

  5. kulvivi says:

    waooo today’s episode is soooo wonderful. there is always joy derived from help odas. tanx ma’am

  6. bola says:

    Moyo I love ur magic wand u see on him for celebrating Ebun’s birthday. MT dis is d best episode so far. Thank u 4 sharing d story with us, u are d best

  7. adefunke says:

    wow, happy birthday ebunoluwa.this is lovely Tm

  8. I Love this update!!!

    ..but that limp tho… hmmmmmm.

  9. Patience Bassey says:

    Aww! I love dis episode

  10. Asheadzi says:

    awwww…what a sweet episode..God bless your handiwork.. more grace yo carry on

  11. Nykky says:

    And there is Joy everywhere thanks to someone who cares forgetting her own issues and sacrificing for others to be happy God bless the likes of Moyo. Thanks TM for the update so touching

  12. Ego says:

    Wow dis is so good, me like. This bday ish might just cause something happen between Maje and Moyo. Kudos T.M, to think dis beautiful story has just 2 more episodes remaining, #sad#

  13. Pacesetter says:


  14. Roselyn says:

    Lol @ MT. Wow! What a touching and tear dropping episode. Abeg the handky hustlers we need una ooo. Thanks MT oh! Sorry TM. Have a blessed weekend ma’am.

  15. Chiommy says:

    So touching, TM you are wonderful. Thanks for making me smile

  16. mystiq18 says:

    n I got wet eyes lolz…thank you moyo

  17. Fsf says:


  18. adefunke says:

    is there any chance dt Maje knws d whereabt of Moyo’s father?

  19. hinnymi says:

    And why do I have this weird feeling that Maje is Moyo’s father? Thumbs up TM, u rock as always

  20. Amy says:

    Filled with so much joy for Ebun!!!

    I’ve been an ardent follower since your nairaland days but always too lazy to comment!! (sorry about that and I’ve changed my ways)

    TM thanks for the great work and showing us what life really should be about through your stories, showing love nd acceptance irrespective of one’s physical shortcomings as we didn’t create ourselves!!

    Life really shouldn’t be so difficult!! I’ve learnt so much from this story!!

    Ebun you’ve successfully pushed outta my shell, pls do the needful ooo

  21. horllybee says:

    so emotional, I love the way it’s going hope it ends well.thanks TM.

  22. Amy says:

    Ebun has brought me outta my shell, finally……

    This is my first time commenting though I’ve been an ardent follower of all your stories from your active nairaland days (but I’ve always been too lazy to comment, but now a changed person).

    TM, Thank you so much for daily teaching me what should be more important in life *love*! This particular story has really touched the deepest part of my heart nd has taught me that we should accept people irrespective of their physical shortcomings or flaws!!

    Oya Ebun ooo do the needful #winks#

  23. Toyenlon says:

    This is lovely, finally father and son are bonding.

  24. iyke David says:

    Her magic wand worked once again. Welldone Moyo,.

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