So yesterday Toykathy made a teasing remark on the Writers’ Guide 101 post about me writing an Erotica. Not a genre I have particular talent for but I once had my trial moment whilst I belonged to this Writers’ Group and we were asked to write an Erotica Flash Fiction (or Micro Fiction) of no more than 500 words that will begin with “Let’s go crazy” and sort of finish with “I love you”. Below was my submission.

Remember, it’s just fiction oh… don’t get carried away *wink*

“Let’s go crazy.”

That was what he whispered into my ear as he leaned across the bar table.

It wasn’t my first time seeing him. He was a regular at the bar. He came in every Friday night, never week days. His name was Kane. Always wore same thing, a jeans and T-shirt. Only the colours changed. Tonight was all blue.

I served another customer and came back to him. “What do you have in mind?”

“Sex. Quick and easy.”

I looked at him. Our eyes locked. He didn’t blink.

“Back room. After midnight.” I sauntered off and kept busy with other customers.

When I entered the back room hours later, he was already there.

“Desperate, are we?”

“Just horny.”

“Then let’s get to work.” I picked a foil from the table, tossed it at him. “Dress your arsenal, soldier.”

It took us about a minute and we were naked. He had a sizeable cock, and it was battle ready.

I climbed on the desk, perched at the edge. He came towards me. Steps slow and measured. He stared at me a full second. Then slid his hand up and trailed his finger down my midriff. Then slowly backed up, tracing around my nipples. They were as taut as strings. Curving his head, he covered his hand over one and slid a finger into my already wet centre.

I widened my legs and that gave him more room. Fingers doubled, then trippled as they glided in and out.

I grabbed his rock, hard cock and began to knead. Our moans became an intertwined union, growing louder as the pressure of our hands went up.

I was quaking and writhing and could hold back no more. “Now.” I cried.

He let go off my nipple, slid out his fingers out and hauled my body forward. In one fluid movement, he thrust his throbbing hardness into me and held on. Then he began to grind and pump. The table creaked and shook beneath us.

My hips danced along with the pounding rhythm as I neared climax. Then as if sensing that my collapse was close, he pulled me off the desk, slammed my back into the wall and pumped with my legs wrapped around him.

Then sinking his tongue down my throat, he held fast as he vibrated with a last surge.

It took me a couple of minutes to get my bearing again. I slipped out of his arms and dropped into a chair. My breaths were coming in gasps, so were his.

Still he managed to whisper. “Damn Kay, I love you.”

I blew aside tussled hair and tossed him a cocky grin. “They all do.”



**Lol. Not my genre… don’t plan to even test it again. Sex in Romance genre is already hard enough, lol. Anyway, feel free to rate it. HOTH coming in the evening. Good morning, y’all.**