House on the Hill





Maje shut his eyes even as he made the pronouncement in a low, wounded voice. But though he shut his eyes, he could not shut his thoughts—his memory. He staggered up from the desk chair, trundled across the rug-carpeted floor until he reached his bed and slumped into it.

His head was beginning to pound. Years of repressed memories made his emotions twirl, they sent up a rise of nausea and made his head spin with the dizziness of the rush. Maje grabbed hold of the edge of the bed and sank his spinning head against the bedpost. Muttering something under his breath—maybe a plea, he wasn’t sure. He couldn’t stop the muttered words and he couldn’t stop the floodgates of memories that burst open and engulfed him into its surging tidal wave…


He was in the hospital, pacing its hallway. Fear, panic, hope broiled together inside of him. His wife, his Teniola, was inside the labour ward. She’s been there for more hours than he cared to count anymore. It was turning out to be a difficult birthing—a breech birth. Teni had refused a caesarean birth procedure. She wanted to naturally birth her first child. She wanted that bond with her baby, she said.

He just wanted her out of there and in perfect health again.


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Dedication: For Nnem & Cheks, for superb story-telling skills.

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39 Responses to House on the Hill

  1. sabelle concepts says:


  2. biodun says:

    Ku ise TM….More Petrol in your Gen

  3. Grace says:

    What a sad piece TM I feel so sad for the family and it is a good thing more has a good heart.

  4. This is soo sad….I dropped a tear.. especially where the wife died…. jeez!…

  5. Glowing Kosnie says:

    This really made me emotional as I couldn’t hold back the tears…it really made me think twice about those that give birth to ‘not very normal’babies, the pains,hurts and rejections they go through daily…Tnx TM for this captivating tho emotional episode you are surely a very versatile writer. You know the right words to use to drive home your points Tnx once again for this

  6. bola says:

    What a sad story. Solomon, God bless u 4 staying with dem. TM u are genius

  7. Nykky says:

    Got me so emotional. Loosing one’s love just like that I can’t dael. I feel for the family and he has to bring the deformed child up all by himself wow. TM pls don’t make him die in that sorrow o let him come around and maybe see Moyo since in the course of this story we learnt Moyo has a lot in common with the late wife. Moyo will care for both of them and maybe suggest how to get solution for Ebun. TM are a wonderful writer God bless your hussle.

  8. iyke David says:

    The lost pieces are gradually joining together.
    TM,I raise my *backside* for you!

  9. kulvivi says:

    what a life. hmmmmmmm thank you Jesus cos am complete. thanks mama

  10. jojodia says:

    Rejection is a nightmare…..but it becomes nothing when we stiffen our spine, ignore the ignorant comments and forge ahead.

    I liked that Maje did not reject his son, God bless him for that.

    Thanks TM….beautifully scripted.

  11. mystiq18 says:

    my bones are weak from reading…my eyes misty…can’t find d right word to describe how I feel. hope is all we v got…some sort of miracle…thanks BL God bless u n ur imagination

  12. Jee says:

    This is sad….so so sad but Make didn’t reject his son,groom him till this point ,now that is real strength…To the parents with autistic and deformed children ,who still shower love and affection to this kids,u r amazing and The lord will bless u…TM,u r superb…More grace…..

  13. Patience Bassey says:

    Aww! Why did you stop? So emotional.

  14. Adefunke says:

    hmm, this is deep!

  15. Gloria says:

    So touching, wonder wat wil happen nxt. Tnx TM

  16. phuntor says:

    hmmmmmmm wow this so heartbreaking thanks TM….

  17. OMG!!! In the back-room, doing the doo-doo… *wipes sweat* it’s not easy oh… *hmmmmmmmm*

  18. favouriteshades says:

    Just speechless

    Parents with special needs kids go through a lot financially, emotionally et al.i assume it’s even harder for Maje as he lost his beloved wife when the EB was born

  19. God bless your gift of writing.

  20. Toyenlon says:

    OMG! This episode is so emotional, i couldn’t help but cry. So so sad, don’t really know what else to say, oh no.

  21. Ego says:

    this is so so sad, Maje has really gone thru a lot, little wonder he’s acting d way he does. T. M u r simply d best, more grace

  22. Roselyn says:

    What a world! What could have caused this? God bless every parents that loves and takes care of deformed kids. God bless Maje, Solomon and Moyo for showing Ebun love. God bless TM too.

  23. Harrison says:

    Awwww……This chapter shifted my heart to My Shoulder Side

  24. Favour says:

    *sobbing* Wow this was so emotional. Oh maje! I feel your pains, but I say move on. Try to find love again and move on. That is the only way you will heal.

  25. chic says:

    Eya! very touching. Thanks TM. But you get wild imagination o. Hmmm!

  26. Joan says:

    Oh my *wipes tears from eyes* this episode is so moving.
    Maje will heal, I see Ebun already healing.

    Thanks ma’am TM

  27. kemmy says:

    this episode really hit me. how can a woman refuse C S when she is having difficult labour? i have heard of many women who refuse to be section and later died through complication. C S is not a death sentence, i have been through it twice and am grateful cos the situation was life threatening then. its painful when maternal mortality which can be averted claim life. Natural birth is cool but when things are taking dangerous route during delivery we should trust our doctors and allow our pastors to pray along life is very precious and sacred. TM e ku ise o

  28. horllybee says:

    this is more than a story,it is a masterpiece believe me or not! TM,thanks for everything…

  29. osas says:

    Choi! I’m late. Now, to the matter on ground, Hmmm… I’m short of words.

  30. Mariemummy says:

    Kai! This post is so touching. Felt so sad for the master. Infact for Ebun too

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