So I wanted to say something about HOTH (House on the Hill). Today’s episode was imperative. When I started out “envisioning” this story, what we are reading now is not exactly what my vision saw. But this part of the writing-style I will tell you guys when we are done and I do a TM SAYS post on “Writing HOTH”.

Today though, I just wanted to say that we are fast drawing close to the end of our story. Yeah, a surprise will be nice but I daresay many, many, MANY of you will be surprised still… possibly shocked on how this ends.


After today’s episode I will do what I have not done since we commenced this story—the time-leap act. That is my coined term for when a writer jumps a couple of weeks, months or even years and takes his/her story forward. I have not used the time-leap act since because for one this story unfolded in a short space of time—the mysteries part of the story happened only in a matter of the first one to two weeks of Moyo’s arrival into the house.

I do believe that Moyo has not exceeded 12 days in that house thus far. I am not counting though… and I won’t count.

But Chapter Fourteen will see us do a Time-Leap and I will clearly indicate it. It is important, absolutely so, that we take a leap to get ahead on our story. Any other technique, in my estimation, would make the story a drag.

That is one thing coming. Another is a clear resolving… well, clarifying of the mysteries that have this “beautiful” story shrouded. I would honestly tell you we barely have five chapters to go. Barely, because the seventeenth chapter might be a sort of a long epilogue.

I don’t know how the story will end…

Okay, that is a lie. I do know how it will end. I just do not know how my pen will write it yet. Confessing a rare truth to you guys, this is one story that has made me so proud of my writing skill. Whilst I, as I usually do, map out chapters ahead, I did not map out the entire story. Today’s chapter was only mapped yesterday evening after a review of Chapter twelve and a calling-to-mind of events that are left to happen.

Two chapters… maybe even three, were extended to allow better story-telling and understanding of events. One of those chapters is the same night (early hours), I think that was Chapter ten where a stage-by-stage recount was done to show everyone’s participation in the Moyo-sees-him night’s events. And another was Chapter Twelve which was necessary to show the stages of “relationship” development between Ebunoluwa and Moyo.

The reason for my talk this morning is 1: to prepare us for a fast-coming end. And 2: to tell us that whilst this has been a free-read, it will not remain so. A friend of mine (brother too) counselled that I showcase HOTH on other sites, I objected because the goal of HOTH is first to test my MYSTERY-HORROR writing skill and also to see my readers reactions to that skill.

Thus far, I have been proud. Very much so.

And another goal of HOTH is to help me gain something I’ve been working on for months to get. I am hoping, praying really, that this one last trial will win me that little reward that I am seeking. I do not require HOTH per se as a story but I require the many pages of this blog that HOTH has filled up to get this “little thing.” So that once I get it, and I really pray I do, I would remove HOTH from here and place it on my eStore & Okadabooks to join the Too Little, Too Late and Calvin & Cate series to make TM some bit of cash *wink*.

And finally my talk this morning is geared at announcing our next free-read—KEY TO MY HEART. Did I just hear someone (possibly Jojodia) shout a heartfelt YAY? Lol. Don’t mind me, Jojo, just love teasing you… and everyone else.

Yeah, KEY TO MY HEART is billed to begin this coming May. I will take it the way I took HOTH, no beginning-to-end chapter-mapping. I will only create a vision of the story in my head, write a short plot… discuss with my team (which includes my mum (Nnem) and my niece who is also a writer by the way (Cheks)) and then I will allow the story unfold itself.

Let us be aware that HOTH will mark a very conscious, I say “very conscious” because I usually get carried away when writing a story… particularly when I am writing and posting at same time and do not have the time for a proper edit. A proper edit allows elimination of bogus scenes and chapters. Free-reads don’t usually give me the time to do this.

But after HOTH, we will seriously, and very very consciously, go into Flash Fictions, Short Series and real Novelettes for our blog’s free-reads. And no fears, I have mastered the act of Novelette writing. This many of you (I pray it is all of you) will find out when I release the collection of eBooks I have in store for you guys.

Oh yes, I do not plan, at all, to release UNCONVENTIONAL PROPOSAL alone… as a matter of fact, I can release three novelettes tomorrow if I so wish. I have them ready and two edited already. But my plan is to release four novelettes and a novel (UP). Now that multiple-bill plan is not what is causing the delay please, let’s take note. UP on its own and for some crazy, weird I can’t-comprehend-why reason is the hardest story I ever wrote (thus far… and I am praying it will always be so). When after publishing I will do a TM SAYS post on “Writing UP”, I will explain why and how this came to be to everyone.

UP is tedious. A beautiful, humorous, romantic tale. But TEDIOUS… I swear!

So yes, multiple release coming—to compensate my missing an eBook-publishing in March *wink; and then no more HOTH-like stories after HOTH. HOTH, by the way, is turning out to be a novel. Another reason why I definitely will yank it outta here when I’ve gotten what I’m looking for.

So, prepare yourselves to say goodbye to Ebunoluwa… and to Moyo and Maje and the rest of the cast… and crew (Me and You *lol*). And prepare to welcome KEY TO MY HEART (KTMH) and to relax into a true love story.

Hope you enjoyed today’s episode as always… let’s hear you say so.

Continue to have a great week, y’all.

TM’s Out… *poof!*