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Hello darlings, who’s enjoying this weather? *wink* I am so mighty busy, that when I’m finally done with this work load, I surely recommend I’d be given a gold-medal award. Lol. Y’all enjoy today’s episode now.



THE SHATTERING NOISE drew Maje’s attention from his PC to the door. He heard the stomping fleeing footsteps and let out a deep sigh.

Willing himself not to worry… or become angry, he heaved off his desk chair and walked out of his bedroom. He found him hunched and trying to pick the broken shards.

“Leave it. I’ll take care of it.” He said and lowered to his knees. He made himself look at him. Saw the sorrow in his eyes and felt it squeeze his own heart. “She doesn’t know better, that’s why she ran.”

“Doesn’t she?” That was the question that rumbled out of him. And not waiting for a response, he rose and retreated into his room.

Maje shut his eyes and told himself he wasn’t going to lose his temper. Not anymore for today. He gathered the shards into the tray and started down the stairs.

The kitchen was empty when he walked in. A fact that didn’t surprise him. He suspected Moyo must be in her room… possibly crying. He’d be damned if he was going to play the soothing-boss when he’d severally warned her to keep away and she’d chosen to disobey his orders.

So blanking his mind of any more thoughts of her, he walked to the refrigerator, got out a king-sized loaf of bread and some eggs and proceeded to prepare fresh breakfast for him. Since his own meal was still on the counter, he didn’t bother making for himself.


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Dedication: For Nnem and Cheks, for superb story-telling skills.

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54 Responses to House on the Hill

  1. sabelle concepts says:

    We don’t need binoculars tM. There is love in the air….Moyo weds beast..hahahahahah…who is with me on this one. Why do i feel like this episode is short..

  2. Luwibaby says:


  3. kulvivi says:

    hahaha @sabelle. thanks maam.

  4. Ego says:

    Awww he must be feeling on top of d world having Moyo smiled at him, I feel pity for him though

  5. bola says:

    Wow! I love d turn out of dis episode. Chai TM u super super rock

  6. Joan says:

    I’ve refreshed this page so many times today. Thanks for keeping to your schedule and making us happy TM.

    To today’s gist….na who dey pray make Moyo marry beast? No oh, I reject it in her behalf. Moyo should marry the boss. Mojo weds Maje sounds more like it.
    Maje and beast,sorry human would still warm up to Moyo. This love story is gonna be da bomb; and please what is his name, who is he to Make and what is responsible for his condition?

    Thanks for today TM….you’re da best! muah

  7. tee says:

    getting more interesting, thank you for today’s episode

  8. Adefunke says:

    hmm, d beast is happy, la la la…

  9. I love that Moyo was quick to get back to her feet, quick to show compassion and quick to be interested in the deformed human.
    Moyo rocks!

  10. Asheadzi says:

    wow..this episode rock bare..thumps up TM..God bless your effort

  11. Asheadzi says:

    wow..this episode rock hare….Thumps up TM..God bless your efforts

  12. Pacesetter says:


  13. Patience Bassey says:

    Love, all he needs is love!. But what about the boss?

  14. jojodia says:

    In my very ungrateful voice ‘na which kain 2 seconds update be dis biko’? Now dat somebody is settling very well into the story, madam is now dishing it out like food rationing during world war 2…hian…dis is highly unacceptable.

    TM, where is the published book u promised us. Even my okadabooks account I loaded in anticipation of ur book is beginning to cry out.

    Gimme my promised book, and gimme lengthy HOTH episodes.

    ….and Yes y’all, I just transferred anger from work today…..

    • Roflmao @ food rationing during world war 2. Abeg, “drill sergeant” Jojodia, fi mi le o. Lmao. Na only 2-seconds update. Lwkm. Abeg keep that account load and even load it more… if you know the better reading-plans I have for y’all, eh? Hehehe.

      Just relax… and relax well-well o… because na month-end I dey anticipate so. hahaha


      Sorry about the bad day at the office. It seems to be a spreading virus. Chin up, girl

    • Nykky says:

      Mind yaself o you hia that your transfer of anger no meet my darling TM for house o she go bus stop lol I know you are joking but dont look for trouble o. How is work

  15. Nykky says:

    Love conquer all. A little show of affection can melt a stony heart. Lesson here is when you accept your situation or challenges life throws at you, make the best of it learn to love yourself and others around you, you will discover that the solution comes on its own accord. TM sanu dai aiki

  16. Roselyn says:

    I am happy for the growling man. Thanks Moyo fot putting butterfly in his stomach. Haaaahaaahaaa! God bless you TM.

  17. favouriteshades says:

    Indeed Moyo rocks. Thanks TM

    Ermm,TM,please what’s the update on UP?

  18. uche says:

    Me I strongly think da it’s maje weds Moyo. Please aunty mi TM make it so o becos I no fit shout. Thanks 4 giving tym to post despite d “mighty busy schedule”

  19. uche says:

    Thanks for postin despite d mighty work loads TM

  20. mystiq18 says:

    awww…if u see the smile on my face you will think d beast is my cousin…thanks BL…more grease to it elbow…don’t overstress either. lol @the weird, mean, bizarre, kind boss…I see ppl falling in luv soon

  21. Jeanfortune says:

    hmmm, and whats that thing moving inside the stomach of the beast na? Madam Spicy, na wa o u too much joor

  22. horllybee says:

    Moyo is such a wonderful being,curious, kind, inquisitive but really courageous and I love those attributes so much.all this tingly feeling in the belly?hmmm TM, beauty and the beast is not allowed ooo.thanks anyway…

  23. iyke David says:

    I think am seeing the story from a very different angle now!
    TM, You still rock!

  24. Gannie_perrie says:

    Hmmmm….I think am seeing a love triangle….TM,fenks for d update jhoooooooooór

  25. toykathy says:

    After refreshing this page for more than ten times yesterday, TM decided to give another suspense filled episode. All ayam saying is moyo must fall in love in dat house biko. Weldone mama P. Ur head dey dere.

  26. Adedoyne says:

    Lovely Lovey dovey…Superb writing Boss. Looking forward to the next episode!

  27. Chiommy says:

    A way to a man’s heart is tru his stomach, lmao
    anticipating already for the next episodes

  28. Harrison says:

    I remember Saying this “beauty and Beast” story in the Last Episode…….Hate When Am Right! T.M,Kedu?

  29. marytess says:

    Experiment gone wrong, learning stuff from here everyday… kudos TM

  30. Toyenlon says:

    Good to see Moyo finally come out of her misery, hmmm, can’t just wait to see how it will unfold cos of all these feelings in d stomach of d creature and the wishing of Maje. Welldone TM.

  31. Fsf says:

    TM,thank you for the update. Moyo please fall in love with the beast and make him human

  32. Debbie says:

    I’m new here…..but I’m loving this already.

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