Welcome to April

Welcome to APRIL.

Gratitude is a special key for unlocking a Flood-Gate of blessings. So think positive, have a grateful heart… for all things, and traipse this month of April with joy and expectation — for God promises to open the flood-gates of heaven over you. Yes, YOU!


Showers of Blessings loading…

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19 Responses to Welcome to April

  1. biodun says:

    thanks Darling…Happy New April too…more ink to your pen.

  2. Welcome April. Happy New Month Maama.

  3. iyke David says:

    Welcome April,
    May we ALL see better things this April!

  4. Ego says:

    Happy new month to u TM and all of us @ Life & Spices. Better things await us all

  5. Pacesetter says:

    happy new month

  6. cheriepet says:

    Happy New Month to u TM n to all of us at life and spices

  7. favouriteshades says:

    HNM to u TM and readers of Life and spices.com.

    Even the ghost readers who never leave comments. Y’all know yourselves.

  8. Vimlady says:

    Amen…tnks TM…wishing you de same

  9. Roselyn says:

    Have a great April our Lady

  10. bola says:

    Thanks & Happy new month 2 u & urs too

  11. Sylvia says:

    True talk @ gratitude is a special key for unlocking the flood gates of blessings.
    Happy new month to you and the family

  12. Toyenlon says:

    Amen, happy new month. May it be full of God’s wonders and blessing.

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