The mouth is made for communication, and nothing is more articulate than a kiss.

This was said by Jarod Kintz in his book It Occurred To Me. I wonder if Gemma and I kiss would we communicate better the feelings in our hearts… in my heart at least?

Yes folks, I am in love. I have been in love for a week now. It is an exhilarating feeling, being in love. I can’t stop thinking about her. Not just bits and pieces of her, all of her; every single part of her.

She’d laughed when many would have slapped me and walked away in a huff. That’s when I’d fallen in love with her.

Or maybe it’s infatuation—someone already thinks it is. I don’t know. I have nothing to compare it to. It is the first I am having this delirious feeling for a girl. It is the first I am seriously thinking of kissing a girl.

I decide to tell Naomi about it… about her.

“Naomi?” I begin. I am at her place. In her bedroom.


I look at her. She has her head bent. Her long hair is pulled back from her face and though it’s completely unpainted—no makeup—she looks so pretty.

“I think I’m in love.” I blurt it out.

She raises her head slowly from the magazine she’s flipping through and gapes at me. “What?”

“I’m in love. With Gemma.” I repeat, feeling my heart somersault again.

Naomi’s mouth drops open. “Are you serious?”

I nod. “I am. Met her last week. That day you stopped over and met Rodney. He introduced us.”

“You met her last week and you are already in love?” It looks as if her eyes couldn’t get any bigger on her face. “How can it be? It’s impossible. Are you sure about this?”

Her objections surprise me. Disbelief I expect, but she’s objecting. I see it in her eyes, the opposition to an idea unwelcome.

“I am serious, Naomi.” I don’t know what else to tell her. “Maybe it is too soon…”

“It is too soon!” She snaps, tossing down her magazine and springing to her feet.

The hasty movements shock me and I too spring off her bed. “Calm down, Naomi.”

“I am calm!” She snaps again, glares at me.

But she looks anything but calm; not with the way she is marching around her bedroom, circulating me and making me dizzy with her repetitive movements.

“Look, I’m sorry if I offended you or something…”

“You did not offend me!” She stops, storms around and jerks her face forward into mine. “Do I look offended to you, huh?”

“Ah, actually you look more like pissed.” It is truly how she looks, royally pissed.

“That’s what I am—pissed.” She steps back, throws her hand up, makes multiple bizarre gestures with them and then jerks one at me. “I am pissed at you. I can’t believe you will just go out there and throw yourself at some girl just because you want to get kissed. That is so… so…” she repeats the gestures with her hands, only in my face now. “So like making yourself cheap. You sold yourself cheap, Em. Just know that.”

I am astounded. Stunned, flabbergasted, thunderstruck… gobsmacked. I am everything that spells shock and speechless.

“I haven’t kissed her. We have not kissed. But… but why are you pissed, Naomi?” I ask carefully… cautiously… watching her.

“Because… Because… argh!” She lets out the cry of exasperation and then grabs me with both of her hands. “Because I want to be your first kiss!”

And she yanks me forward and closes her lips over mine. I feel my heartbeat slam hard against my chest as our lips entwine and I let out a moan.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Huh?” I snap back, blink severally. “What?”

Naomi is staring at me with a weird expression.

“I… um…” I stutter uncomfortably.

Good glorious heavens! I haven’t told her. I haven’t said anything. My ever daydreaming mind had just imagined all of that. I’d imagined that she’d… that Naomi kissed me!

“Holy shit!” I blurt out.

“I take objection to you using swear language at me for nothing.” She says still watching me with rather suspicious eyes. “Have you been daydreaming? ‘cause you called my name and then went… blank. What’s up with you?”

“I… um…” I look at her and it dawns on me. “I am not in love!”

“Wha… what?” She gapes at me. “What are you talking about?” She touches my head. “You okay, Em? You feel warm. Feeling under the weather?”

I like the feel of her soft hands against my forehead. I lean into it and sigh. “Not under the weather and not in love… thank God.”

“All right, you’re freaking me out.” She drops her hand… to my utter anguish. “What’s up with you? What’s with the not-in-love talk?”

“I am not in love with Gemma.” I declare it with so much relief. “Thank God I haven’t told her. It would have been a catastrophe.”

“It surely would if you tell a lady you love her one minute and tell her you don’t the next. Major catastrophe.” Naomi is still eyeing me curiously. “Anyway, who’s she… this Gemma? Lovely name, by the way.”

“She’s pretty too.” I tell her. “And she didn’t take offence when I told her she was as snobbish as a pompous royalty.”

Naomi laughs. “Then you ought to be in love with her. You tell her that and she doesn’t take offence?”

I shake my head, smiling now. “She laughed. A big hearty laugh.”

“Wow, I’m even in love with her.” Naomi grins. “So, why don’t you love her anymore? And what made you think you did in the first place?”

I like the way she questions me in rapid succession. I like the way she is smiling with the side of her mouth crinkled and her eyes sparkling as they gaze at me.

“It’s her laugh. She laughed and I just fell in love with her there and then. Mercifully I had the good sense not to tell her. We only talked and exchanged numbers.” I tilt my head to the side and stare at Naomi. “As to why I don’t love her anymore… I just realised it. Just struck me now.”

“Hmm.” She purses her lips. My eyes linger on them. They are a nice plump pair. “So you went into your daydreams and came realising you didn’t love her anymore, huh?”

She knows me so well. And she speaks openly like I do. Mmm.

“That’s exactly how it happened.” Only I can’t tell you now about the daydream. Not now.

“You’re something.” Naomi shakes her head. “How did you even meet her, our big-hearty-laughing Gemma anyway?”

“Rodney introduced us. Last week. That day you stopped over and met him.”

“You met Gemma last week and thought you were in love?” She gapes at me for a second, then throws back her head and laughs. Long and hard… and twinkling.

And I realise I like her laugh better than Gemma’s.

“Em… my sweet guileless Em,” she’s stopped laughing, though her eyes are still filled with humour and merriment. “Of course you weren’t… aren’t in love. Too soon. Well, some do fall in love that quick… but not you. Not you, Em.”

I don’t like that she called me guileless. I sense that it means naïve and I may be inexperienced but naïve, I’m not. But she called me ‘my sweet’ too, so I figure I will forgive her. And let it go.

“Why not me?” I ask instead, curious.

“Because you are a guy who’s lived this long without so much as a kiss. You will take your time always before you do anything. That’s how you are. If you start having feelings for a lady, you’d want to take your time to make sure she’s the right one.”

Oh, how she knows me. Ha.

“So I’m not the love at first sight kind?”

Naomi shakes her head, beams at me. “Uh-uh, you’re not. You’re the one-step-at-a-time kinda guy.” She touches my nose, grins at me. “I like it. I’m learning to be like you.”

“Will you kiss me if I never find the right girl… lady… to kiss me?”

Naomi’s mouth drops open at my out-of-the-blue-question.


Journal Entry—I am not in love with Gemma… someone was right. I like Naomi. I want Naomi to kiss me… and I think I want to kiss Naomi. Jeez!



Tune in next week for the concluding part of today’s episode. Remember, “kiss responsibly.”