Who’s to Blame?

I don’t mind taking responsibility for my failures and mistakes… not since I grew up anyway. But who’s to blame when something beyond our control happens? When we apologise, as I am often wont to do, aren’t we claiming responsibility for whatever error?

I returned from my trip on Monday and that day was the last I saw light… electrical power. Since Tuesday there’s been no power. I have so much work to type. I used whatever battery I had to make the Tuesday HOTH post and when it was done, I could work no more. And the week wasted away without my being able to put in any work – not here on the blog and not on the UP story I’m working on.

Power just got restored yesterday evening. An unexpected miracle. For neither hub and I were expecting it.  There was little I could do before it went poof again and darkness returned. I made dinner, had my bath and went off to bed to play ‘wifey’… the only exhilarating part of my day *wink*.

Power was restored sometime in the night and has been on and off since then. Thank God!

But now, I wonder as I am about to post HOTH which I’ve just completed the writing of its EP.2, do I apologise and if I do, would it not be recorded as a fault of mine for my unwitting absence?

There’s no hardship in saying sorry… but I have done no wrong. I can only work on my PC and battery was dead. My phone was dead by evening of Thursday. I want to apologise, to soothe you guys and placate your tempers… but what the heck! I was wronged too! I did no wrong, I just couldn’t be here through no fault of mine… that is God’s own truth.

And that is how we’re all going to chalk up this week’s absence. Absence due to PHED’s irresponsibility… gbam!

And whilst we’re talking of ‘matters beyond our control’ my week-long visit put me back a few chapters on UP. I gotta enjoy my Mama, peeps, I don’t see her that often. This is bound to affect things… capiche? #just saying.

Anywho, HOTH coming right after this. Enjoy. Can’t write missing episode of KMIYC… HOTH took up too much time. Sorry, guys… I can say sorry for that. Tune in next Thursday… as the Lord willeth and PHED provideth. *amin*

Enjoy today’s episode and remember to leave a word… TM just loves ’em comments.

Happy weekend, people.

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18 Responses to Who’s to Blame?

  1. sabelle concepts says:

    Yes mama TM. More grease

  2. JEFFREY JAMEZ says:

    Lol this woman shaaaaaa…… wey the plantain o.

  3. Toyenlon says:

    I was just smiling as i was reading your apology/ non apology writeup. The way this nepa people are dealing with us in this country ehn…it is well. Welcome back

  4. favouriteshades says:

    Wow..TM..your humility and accountability humbles me. I mean, I had different emotions reading this….amazement mostly,i mean one would think you and your readers had a contractual agreement but then that’s just how important you take this.

    Thank You

  5. Adefunke says:

    we understand, nothing do u jare

  6. No be Power holding?
    Glad to have you back.

  7. VictorA says:

    Am sure many understand that that was no fault of yours. It is part of those things we have to put up with since we found ourselves in this part of the world.

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ll still be around to witness a Nigeria with 24/7 power supply.

  8. Nykky says:

    Welcome back. Your humility is amazing you don’t take your fans for granted that’s a plus for you keep it up dear Sky is your beginning. Unlike a blog they only post people’s work but their arrogance is out of this world you dare complain of anything whatsoever the admin person will so come after you and they are not the writer of the story o.

  9. Sylvia says:

    We’re mostly Nigerians and totally understand the PHCN drama.
    Glad to have you back

  10. TM says:

    And where would there be? What’s the blog address?

  11. TM says:

    Please give me the site address, Nykky.

    • Nykky says:


      • Hmm, I thought it was on Coolval22… a site I just discovered a mhizdamsel posting it on. No worries about that one. I gave Kemmistry the permission to use it. But I guess we quarelled small when I refused to give permission on TMAIA… lmao. Thanks, Nykky

        • Nykky says:

          Lol my ish with them is d way they post people’s work and signed under a lady gave her work and insist her name should be used to sign out hell was let loosed with admin but the lady insist they take down her work and am in support of that. It’s her work and she shld call d shot not the other way round. TM it’s your work, your brain make them agree to your term they claim to have over 20k fan so they are doing artist favour by showcasing their work I disagree because your gift will make way for you. I love you my dear keep doing what you know how to do God will bless your effort and take you to places.

          • Actaully my deal with Kemmistry has been done a long time now. I only gave her tow of my stories – OSTW & Un-Break My Heart. If any other is on her FB page, then she stole them. My deal of giving out my works to be published for free elsewhere is also over… unless it suits me.

            Nonetheless, I continue to find my works plagiarized on several FB pages and certain blogs. Thanks to your alert, I shall be reporting two FB pages to FaceBook tomorrow and their pages with my OSTW on them will be deleted. It is not the first I’m doing it. This time, I shan’t be contacting the account owners. Someone else also has same OSTW on CoolVal22 , a criminal site that promised me they will never again pirate my work after our last battle.

            In all truth, it is not the owners of these sites or FB pages I blame, it is the many readers who sometimes sense these are not the works of the owners showcasing them and yet they continue to visit and to demand for more.
            I remember when fighting an FB page owned by THANKMIC over TMAIA, how many of the readers were asking me to relax now and allow him finish the story posting for them… imagine!

            No one and I mean NO ONE is doing me any favours about my own works. It is clear to me. And one day, they will get the payback of their plagiarism. Karma is always hovering.

            Thanks, Nykky

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