A kiss and then love.

The two can together, no?

The first week of March flies by with nothing. On Tuesday, Rodney comes over to the house to pick me, luckily mum is gone by then.

“Gemma, that’s her name. Final year student. All innocence and dreamy-eyed.” Rodney fills me in as we attack the traffic in his car. “Just the type a Jew like you will like.”

“I’m not a Jew.” And I consider it insult to the Jewish that clueless men should be referred to as one. Whatever brought the idea on?

“You plugged your major-man into some girl in the last few days?” Rodney asks, tossing me a quick arched stare.

“I have not and I’m not planning on plugging it anywhere either.” I say with as much dignity as I can muster.

Rodney snorts. “You scare me, dude. You really scare me.”

I ignore him and ask instead. “Where did you meet her?”

“I’m doing her roomie.” Rodney manoeuvres the car, overtaking a Toyota Carina. “Pretty little thing, this roomie I’m cleaning up her pipes. A wild thing though… but that can be fun when they want to play cowboys and horse rides.” His roguish eyes twinkle. “I’ll enjoy her a little longer before shipping off to the next.”

“You ever think of relationships?”

His quick glance at me is one of pure stupefaction. “Remember who you’re talking to, dude?”

I have not forgotten and it is a concept alien to his nature but still, surely a man must settle down some day.

I say this to Rodney. He sputters out a loud laugh. “Settling down is for old men, dude. I’m in my youth. No settling until I meet that single woman who can charm my major-man into wanting to settle. Convince him, and you have me convinced.”

“You do know it’s a brainless, soulless body part, right?”

Rodney grins. “Which should make convincing him damn easy as he can’t reason.”

I shake my head. A Casanova, now and possibly, for always. Good thing I’m not the influence-able type. Something headstrong inside of me just refuses swaying to stuff I’m not convinced of. Simple as that.

Off-camp students, we pull up beside their hostel building and Rodney put the call to the roomie-cowboy-horse-riding chick. They appear a little close to twenty minutes later. We all know girls like to make you wait whilst they form busy, right?

“Sorry, Roddie, we had stuff doing and needed to finish.” Cowboy-girl explains, giving Rodney a side-hug.

The pet-name sends an image I won’t bother to describe slinking through my mind.

“It’s cool. Hi, Gemma.” Rodney sends same easy smile to the quiet girl playing scenery-observer beside them. “Gemma, Cindy, this is my home boy, Emma. Emma, prettiest girls this institution ever saw, Cindy and Gemma.”

While Cindy beams like a lottery winner, Gemma smiles sedately like she found the compliment as bogus as I did.

“Hello.” She says to me.

She doesn’t offer her hand, so I keep mine locked in my pockets. “Hello.” I return in same polite tone.

“How about we all go grab some quick meal?” Rodney enthuses, codedly shooting me a get-in-the-groove stare.

The girls acquiesce. Or rather, Cowboy-horse… Cindy acquiesces and nudges her roomie into the backseat to join me.

Barely minutes into our meal at a Sweet Sensation eatery, Rodney and Cindy excuse themselves and march off to God-knows where to do God-alone-will-see-what. My guess is Rodney considers this my space-time to strike.

“I’m going to tell you three things and you’ll probably end up hating me… that’s likely happen anyway.” I say after the lengthiest silence of my life.

I pause. She says nothing, only arches her brows at me.

“I think you’re pretty, you really are. Not sure if you’re the prettiest the institution ever saw but you surely are. You’ve got a lovely pair of just-amazing bums. And if I am telling you they are a lovely pair, you can take my word to the bank, ‘cause I know bums. Female bums, of course. And finally, I think you are as snobbish as a pompous royalty.” I tell her all of this with my eyes pinned unflinching in hers.

She says nothing. Doesn’t move a muscle for the longest minute of my life. Then she throws back her head and peels out this soft, rolling laughter.

My mouth drops open and right there and then, I fall in love.


Journal entry – second week of March… I’M IN LOVE. Wow!!!