NLYG Giveaway *Yay!*

So, Never Let You Go has been published. We’re more than a week late but better late than never, right? And I say ‘we’ because ‘we’ are all in this together, not so? Lol.

This is th16, and it surely won’t be the last… heck no!

In line with my plans for 2016, there will be eBooks giveaways and discounted purchases for every eBook published this year. There will be no stone-written method for these Giveaways, each eBook will have its own style. The only common ground is that these Giveaways will be won by commenting-readers.

Now don’t no one go saying TM is up to some mean tricks. Uh-uh, that’s not the case at all. Now, I love you all and dearly appreciate every one of you who opens Life and Spices.com and reads my stories. I do; and that God’s own truth.

But this is an e-family. And unlike ‘live-families’, we only know one another when we relate by our written words. And one can only appreciate ‘rightly’ people they relate with. The only way I know anyone of you is when you comment. That is how we’ve managed to build this e-relationship and that is how we are keeping it going.

So, not dissing anyone but GiveaESo, not dissing anyone but Giveaways are for commenting-readers. Gbam!

Straight to the agenda for today’s Blog Mataz: Never Let You Go Giveaway

Now there are only 2 giveaways that will be recurrent, whatever the genre of story and whatever its word-length; and that is:

  1. Author’s Copy Giveaway
  2. Dedication Copy Giveaway

When a writer publishes a print version of his/her book, they are presented with some copies of their books; number depends on Publishing house. These copies are for the writer/author to do with as they please. So, I thought about it and decided that as an e-Published writer, I ought to have that ‘author’s privilege’ and someone (or some persons) ought to be benefitting from same privilege. And that is how ‘Author’s Copy Giveaway’ came to birth.

I will give out my ‘author’s rights copy’ to whomever I choose. May be a reader… may not be. May be a one-time commenter… may be regular commenter. The choice is mine.

Now ‘Dedication Copy Giveaway’ requires no explanation. Whomever a particular story is dedicated to (reader here or not), they get a copy.

As for other giveaway recipients. It will differ for each published story. But only one criteria will remain static, a free-copy winner can only win TWICE in a year. If I am picking Top Commenters of a particular month for instance and say ‘reader-A’ wins it in January and then wins again in March; that will be all for 2016. No more free-copy wins for that reader. Instead if they continue to win, they will fall (for the rest of that year) into discounted-copy winners group.

Putting such a reader in that group is my way of not discouraging anyone. We all must win… na wetin sef, na only you waka come *rme*.

So who are the Winners of Never Let You Go Giveaway?

Let us begin with the criteria for winning.

  1. Author’s Copy Giveaway
  2. Dedication Copy Giveaway
  3. Top Commenter for the month of January Giveaway
  4. 2nd Top Commenter for the month of January Giveaway

The above persons will get free copies of Never Let You Go sent directly to their inboxes.

For this story, I am doing a two-part discounted-copy Giveaway, So…

N100 Discount:

The readers winning this are the 3rd, 4th and 5th Top Commenters for the month of January.

N50 Discount:

This will be won by the 6th, 7th and 8th Top Commenter for January.
In the month of January, I made 22 posts and I believe in ‘A’ being the mark for excellence. And ‘A’ is a minimum of 70% score. Only two readers went above 7o% comments for January. Others fell below and a whole lot of others, dangerously below… dem be wan sink sef… shuo, no be titanic be dis o *hehehe*.

I figured I should reward 6th, 7th and 8th position commenters because of the poor number of comments In January. So without further waste of ‘our’ precious time, let me announce the Never Let You Go Giveaway winners…

  • Author’s Copy Giveaway – Adefunke.

I chose her as my very first giveaway winner because she was the very first reader to follow me all the way from Nairaland to Alifediary… and she is still here with me. Adefunke, the way I appreciate you, eh?… You no go understand. Thank you and may God bless you.

  • Dedication Copy Giveaway –

Una no know am. No need for speech. Oya continue…

  • Top Commenter for the month of January –

I’m not surprised. This lady’s got my back like kilode, lol. I made 22 posts in January, she commented in 20 of those posts. Thank you, Star girly.

  • 2nd Top Commenter for the month of January –

This is another all-round commenter. From the moment she arrived Alifediary, she’d strived to be a part of the family in every way. She made 17 comments out of the 22 posts. Thank you, Toyenlon. And many thanks for all other ways you give me support.

N100 Discount Winners:

  • Sylvia with 14 comments
  • Mystiq18 made 13 comments
  • Iyke David delivered 12 comments

N50 Discount Winners:

  • Roselyn 10 comments
  • Jeffrey Jamez1o comments
  • Patience Bassey9 comments

**Adefunke would have fallen into this category but since she’s already up there… Patty gal earned her position**


Discount can only be granted if you are making purchase via the LS eBookstore or via direct bank transfer. If you will be making your purchase via Okadabooks, we will write you an IOU for your discount amount and when I finally get in the recharge-card payment gateway I’m working on, you will cash in your discount. Abeg no vex… I no fit cut price for Okadabooks, no be my papa compini… hehehe.

So, if you’re cashing in on discounts, indicate in comment section and I will send you a mail with a discount code if you are using SimplePay Payment Gateway.

That is our Giveaway for Never Let You Go and the very first for 2016. Choi, I enjoyed doing this. I be like teacher wey dey grade im students… lmao. I chop winch die… na today, hahaha.

Thank you every one for always reading TM’s works and above all for supporting my ministry of self-publishing. Abeg make una share the e-flyers to your family and friends… even enemies kpakpa… encourage them to get a TM David-West and their lives will never remain the same. If you believe say, “AMEN”.

Much love *wink*


Never Let You Go Price:

LS eBookstore: N300.00

Okadabooks: N350.00

E costly? Mba! Oya run and purchase ya copy NOW!

*eBook Purchase made easier! Via: *RECHARGE CARD PINS!*

58 Responses to NLYG Giveaway *Yay!*

  1. Kosnie says:

    Congratulations to all the awesome winners…TM o when is de next EBook coming out o cos I must be a winner by fire by force LoLZ…#CommentingModeActivated All the same Tnx to the Amazing TM for the encouragement to continue visiting this site. Your stories are something else…GB

  2. Vimlady says:

    God bless u for this…….please can I purchase with recharge cards??

  3. Vimlady says:

    I kno….my phone isnt an android phone…..cnt u accept d recharge cards

  4. Tee says:

    abeg how do I purchase from LS ebook store? wanted to purchase For Better For Worse, I couldn’t get to understand all the grammar it was saying

  5. Tee says:

    abeg how do I purchase from LS ebook store? wanted to purchase For Better For Worse, I couldn’t get to understand all the grammar it was saying. thanks

    • Hi..I just bought from the LS Store and my copy of the book is sitting in my computer right now lol…its pretty easy…..click on the book at the store to open the full page of that particular post ,scroll down you will see 300naira..click on it..it will change to check out…click on checkout..it will take you to a page you will input your email (for reciept purpose), then it will take you to a payment portal. I believe you should know what to do from there.

    • Tee love, it is very simple. Just keep clicking… from title to price, from price to checkout, from checkout to SimplePay site, from SimplePay straight to Interswitch and there you do your payment. Otito. But be sure you have a MasterCard with token or your ATM card is registered to make online purchases with your bank.

  6. lol so na only Adefunke follow you from Nairaland…issokay….sha do and realease it.

  7. Fsf says:

    Hmmmm,TM…well-done ,Nice one..Congratulations to the winners. I must win the is this month

  8. iyke david says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  9. Ego says:

    Wow dis wonderful, weldone ma’am

  10. Adefunke says:

    Thanks ma’m, solidly here anytime anyday

  11. jojodia says:

    Kai, my bad belle for the winners now is on another level. Ah TM, this is not fair o. I have bing commenting from Alifediary o. Even bought ur books on okadabooks.
    Anyway, what will I do but to buy more cus your stories are so off the hook.
    Weeping weeping weeping

    • My Jojodia, my italian perfume… exotic jewellery, mbanu, don’t cry. Weep not, sweet potato’m, I recognise your place wella… no think sai I no know when you stick to me like super glue. Na turn by turn. Your turn must reach… who fit stop am? Oya receive this e-hug and e-kisses… achalugo nwa mama

  12. Grace says:

    Welcome tm vexing mode activated because am not a winner

  13. horllybee says:

    TM the teacher lol,very good way to appreciate us all.Thanks.

  14. Foluke says:

    Lol, congrats to the winners. I must get a copy. Thanks Tm

  15. Teewhy says:

    Congrats to the winners.

  16. Izyyblaze says:

    Very interesting…this is so gonna motivate everyone(me) to comment more often…congrats to the winners

  17. Paula says:

    Yes oh…..our book 2 is here

  18. Lade says:

    Is dt ur site sir-Jeff? It kinda loading slowly on my phone…nice updates sha

  19. Lade says:

    To madameoiselle TM,
    ……………..hmmmmm hmmmm. What of we ur children wu just squeezing small tintinni time to come and read….sch dey tyt o. Nd if we no bring better result na una go fayo fayo our bombom.

    We go dey try sha. Maybe comment before reading? Or comment wen dere’s time? I go try sha cos me sef no go carry last. I must to collect.

    Nice strategy ma. I try o. See plenty tori.

    P.S. Love your write-ups ma. Would buy your e-books on of this days.

  20. Pacesetter says:

    hummm, can’t wait to buy. but dollar cost now. will start commenting seriously now.

  21. Sylvia says:

    yaaaaaay ive got a discount.
    thanks aunt TM
    really appreciate it….cant wait to get to reading

  22. Mystiq18 says:

    Yaaaaahhhh…thank you so much T.M I luv u endlessly… chai I had to borrow fone to comments as my browser don’t work with cheap ppl subscription…

  23. I am very grateful for the gift. It was a an addicting read for me. The twists and turns… was something else. It taught me perseverance and never to be quick to judge. It taught me a great deal about fate and destiny.
    May your writing ink never run dry and may your inspiration continue to flow.
    You are the best Maama!

  24. Toyenlon says:

    Wow! I’m flattered TM, thanks for the gift.

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