“You didn’t have to come back. I’m grateful for your help but Carlson can handle things from here.” Tobi regarded her with cool, aloof eyes.

“I looked for you for months because I loved you. I love you, Tobi. And now that I’ve found you, I’m not giving up on us. So, I’ll keep coming back.”

“Anwuli, what was is no more for me. I have gone past it. I don’t feel the same anymore. I guess we felt too much, too quickly. We barely gave ourselves time to really know each other.”

“You told me that time is nothing when the heart already knows what it wants.”

The reminder was stated in a sad voice. Tobi shrugged. “I guess I was wrong. I’m sorry but this son you say is mine is what is left between us. I’d like to meet him and I hope you understand that I may request a DNA test.”

There was a low gasp before Anwuli only visibly squared her shoulders. “Our son is right now with my sister and your brother in their home in Cape Verde.”


“Yes. Your brother came to Nigeria after you were reported dead and he saw one of my emails to you. He found my sister, Kaine, in our family home with Baby Tobi and he threatened to take the baby away if she doesn’t marry him. So, she married him and he took them both together with him back to Cape Verde.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“I wish I was, but I’m not. Your brother forced my sister to marry him and he took my son away.”

My son?” Tobi arched his brows. “You sound like you cared for him. You abandoned him, remember? You left him to run after a vain pursuit.”

“I did not abandon him! I left him with my sister and I only did because I wanted to find you.”

“You are a mother! Your priority should have been your infant child!”

“Maybe. But I am also a woman and my heart is also a priority.”

Tobi turned away from her tear-filled eyes. “I can’t believe what you just told me. Yes, a Kojo-Edwards will never abandon his own but to threaten an innocent young lady? My brother would never be capable of something that cruel.”

But somewhere in his mind it tugged that Dominic could be ruthless if he felt his goal or his family was threatened. And he would have considered it his goal to bring his nephew to their home in Praia—especially if they believed him dead.

“So, the son he had is actually mine.” He mused aloud. At Anwuli’s puzzled expression, he explained. “I was told my brother is now married to a Nigerian woman and that he has a son. I guess that son is actually mine.”

“Yes it is. Our son. And his wife is my sister. But I want my son back, Tobi. Whether you think I abandoned him or not, he is still my son and I want him back with me.”

“Well, he’s now out of your reach due to your own misplaced priorities—talk about poetic justice.” He chuckled a little before sobering up. “And just so you know, if he is indeed my son, then I’m not letting you keep him. Not when you’ve proven that you’re incapable of taking care of him.”

“It hurts me that you not only question my love for you and our son but also my integrity. When you see him, you will know he’s your son, Tobi. But I can’t let you and your family keep him. If you want to keep him, you’ll have to keep me too.”

“What the heck are you talking about?”

Anwuli met his frowning stare with unflinching defiance. “It’s either, take us both—a package deal—or give me back my son.”

Tobi stared at her open-mouthed for half a minute and the he threw back his head and roared with laughter.



COMING SOON: NEVER LET YOU GO – Anwuli and Tobi love story. Getting him to believe again in their love is her sole goal.

Never Let You Go. Release Date: 8 February 2016.


**Not free-read. Thank you.**