Still too many complaints and after several more trials (which usually sends my blog into disappearing-mode *lol*), I was giving up when a thought struck (from heaven above *wink*) and I went ahead and deactivated my Jetpack Comment Module.

Soon as I did and I checked Opera Mini, the normal WordPress Comment form/box appeared (in all its glory).

So, if you have been complaining (hounding TM *rme*), please, please and PLEASE come in here, check if you can eazy-pizzy make a comment and then shout a big “TM, you rock jor”… Lmao.

I truly hope this solves the problem. I used the Jetpack Module because it was easy to tweak and all that. But TM is here to satisfy her readers, right?…….. *not always, hehehe*.

Let me know how it works now, please. Have a good night, y’all. *Off to sleep*