Comment Form – Can You Now See it?

Still too many complaints and after several more trials (which usually sends my blog into disappearing-mode *lol*), I was giving up when a thought struck (from heaven above *wink*) and I went ahead and deactivated my Jetpack Comment Module.

Soon as I did and I checked Opera Mini, the normal WordPress Comment form/box appeared (in all its glory).

So, if you have been complaining (hounding TM *rme*), please, please and PLEASE come in here, check if you can eazy-pizzy make a comment and then shout a big “TM, you rock jor”… Lmao.

I truly hope this solves the problem. I used the Jetpack Module because it was easy to tweak and all that. But TM is here to satisfy her readers, right?…….. *not always, hehehe*.

Let me know how it works now, please. Have a good night, y’all. *Off to sleep*

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65 Responses to Comment Form – Can You Now See it?

  1. jeffreyjamez says:

    Testing Microphone!!….

    Oh your copy and paste protector..doesn’t work on mobile browsers tho…fix it.

  2. laminah says:

    TM, you ROCK jor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sylvia says:

    TM, you rock Joor!! #winks

  4. doyinsola says:

    TM, U rock jor, smiles

  5. laminah says:

    TM, you rock jor!!!!!!!

  6. Laminah says:

    TM, you rock jor!!!!!!

  7. Nenzie says:

    TM, you rock joor!!

  8. deeh says:

    I can now comment…u rock TM!

  9. bitriz says:

    Wao tm u. Rock jare.

  10. Raychell says:

    TM, u rock jor, ah!!! Thank Jesus, I can now comment, I ve been trying like forever

  11. VictorA says:

    eeeerrrmmm…Testing microphone 1…7…T.M do you copy?

  12. Patience Bassey says:

    Yea, finally!

  13. Vimlady says:

    TM you rock jhor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……@ last i can also make a comment

  14. iyke david says:

    Keep on rocking joor!

  15. doyinsola says:

    yaay..Tm you rock

  16. CHINNY says:

    TM you rock joor!!!

  17. Ego says:

    TM u always rock

  18. Datoks says:

    I ve never had any problem with commenting. Anyways TM u still rock

  19. tohira says:

    this is my first time Commenting tm u rock joor.

  20. Agnes says:

    lol, TM, you rock joor!

  21. Agnes says:

    yeeeaaahhhh, at last, you really rock

  22. Essencecj says:

    I was able to comment on d story yesterday. Something I’ve always wanted to do. TM u rock jor! Big time.

  23. toyenlon says:

    Surely, the comment box is now different, though i had no problem commenting before, TM you still rock.

  24. Nancydearie says:

    At last i was able to comment. TM,u rock joor!

  25. Gee says:

    TM, you rock jor

  26. chichi says:

    TM…u rock joor
    U re the best…

  27. Doyinsola says:

    Never had issue with making a comment before but all the same,you rock ma’am

  28. Hahahahahahahaha… Choi, ayam feeling somehow… like my head want to burst into one million tiny diamond pieces… hahahahaha… choi, I loff praises… I am my Heavenly Father’s daughter. He delights in the Praises of His children, and me kwanu, I am delighting in ‘rocking’ praises… keep ’em coming o jare, better soup na money kill am… hehehe

  29. Tee says:

    Yesss!!! I see it and I used it, can now comment real time

  30. Horllybee says:

    Thank God u found a solution to this problem, it’s been always hard reading TMU and not commenting. Thanks for everything TM.

  31. Horllybee says:

    Thank God u found a solution to this problem, it always feel bad reading TMU and not commenting. Thanks for everything TM.

  32. Horllybee says:

    Tm, you rock always.

  33. Omolola says:

    Let me try if i can finally comment….hello….testing….hello…TM do you copy? If this works, you ROCK for life!

  34. Aramide says:

    Wowww,,,@ last the comment box is here….. TM u RoCk

  35. Princess says:

    now u will get tired of our comments, winks. can’t wait for TMU tomorrow.

  36. Boluwatife says:

    TM…u rock joor…lolz

  37. Utchayy says:

    TM, you rock joor!

  38. Izyyblaze says:

    Checking if i can comment

  39. Izyyblaze says:

    Yay!! I just commented..tm u rock jor! lolz

  40. Lade says:

    You are good

  41. Tonia says:

    TM ….. U rock joor ….

  42. Torrie says:


  43. Ibk says:

    TM u rock n roll!!!

  44. Teewhy says:

    TM, u rock joooooorrrr!!!!!!!

  45. Asheadzi says:

    TM u rock jor..lol..thank God i can now comment..!

  46. Pearl says:

    You rock TM

  47. Gannie_perrie says:

    TM……u rock jor!!!!!!!!!

  48. Oluwabusolami says:

    TM u rock jare!!! Weldone

  49. Ziza says:

    Hmmmmmm, finally after all this many years I finally get to comment. kudos.
    P.s: been following since unbreak my heart

  50. Fsf says:

    ….TM you rock joooor…After all these months

  51. Bunmi says:

    TM you rock jor,!!! Finally I can comment on dancing mood activated

  52. Uche Mbonu says:

    Well, better than before, I can now comment.

  53. star says:

    Tm u rock joor

  54. Gloria says:

    Yahhh, finally
    i can comment

  55. damilola says:

    TM-u rock joor,at last at last, thanks a lot,today is Friday o

  56. Joyous says:

    Yes! U definitely rock

  57. Paula says:

    Yep.its working. thought it was my browser that had issues as it worked some days and some days it will not work.

  58. oppie says:

    TM,u rock jor!!!

  59. Omotola says:

    TM, you too rock jooor!

  60. Kosnie says:

    Yay!!! I can now comment…TM you rock joor

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