Welcome to December

By the grace of Him who maketh all things perfect, we have all come to the very last month of this year 2015.

With praise and thanksgiving, let us enter into the new month. With faith and hopeful hearts, let us approach each new day. And with humility and sombre hearts, let us make amends for little failures and with the utmost wisdom and consciousness, let us tie up loose ends and finish off what was on the first month started with zeal and passion.

Wishing everyone of you a HAPPY NEW MONTH. May all of your dreams come true.

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14 Responses to Welcome to December

  1. Mystiq18 says:

    Thank you T.M …happy new month to my life and spice family…and don’t forget to give God praise

  2. toyenlon says:

    Happy new month dear, thanks.

  3. funmi says:

    Thanks and same to you TM.

  4. jeffreyjamez says:

    Happy new month Big Sis

  5. iyke david says:

    Thanks, We need it!

  6. Princess says:

    Thanks and same to u TMDavid-West

  7. nene says:

    Thanks, and Happy new month to you all

  8. Sylvia says:

    Amen o
    Thanks TM and I wish you more blessings

  9. Ego says:

    Amen and happy new month to u and all of us @ L&S

  10. Paula says:

    Thank you and welcome to a fabulous month to you as well.

  11. Adebowale says:

    Happy new month too. And may your dreams come true too.

  12. Roselyn says:

    Amen ooo! We pray same for you our Lady.

  13. star says:

    Thank ma’am n same wishes to u too

  14. biodun says:

    Amin Jesu…..same to you TM

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