Thank YOU

I don’t always say it but… THANK YOU.

Yes, YOU…

You who have faithfully followed me…

You who always take the time to share your thoughts with me…

You who seek me out when I’m gone for days on end…

You who show your support in extra little ways…

And You who believe in me, enough to be here, enough to read and love, enough to share my works, enough to lend some support…

I love YOU.

I just never say it.

*@Paula, Toyenlon & Jeffrey, I see your support and I am eternally grateful.*


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17 Responses to Thank YOU

  1. datoks says:

    Thank you TM for been consistent

  2. gracie says:

    thanks tm for showing us that u care about us also

  3. jeffreyjamez says:

    Nne you know the motto na…..Money must be made…. lol….. I’ve got your back anyday,anytime, anywhere.

  4. toyenlon says:

    You are welcome dear, its the least i can do. Thank you too for giving us wonderful stories.

  5. kemmy says:

    T.M dearie, thank you too for ur consistency and making ur blog pure .

  6. Nene says:

    Your consistency and dedication to your followers is highly commendable! you are appreciated!

  7. Doughyeen says:

    Thank you too

  8. iyke david says:

    YOU are well come!
    Thank you too for the tonic you are constantly dishing out!
    Thank you!

  9. Roselyn says:

    Thank you so much ma’am. I might not be able to be comenting on every of your post but that does not mean that I don’t appreciate you, its just that many at times I do find it difficult getting my comments in due to my call me, I call you device that I am using now but I believe that the young shall grow so, one good day I will be blessed with a better handset that will always give me access to drop comment always. Dear for sit at home moms like me, you are an Angel that always put smile on our face. Thanks and God bless.

    • Roflmao @call-me-I-call-you device. Choi, Rosie gal, you finish me with that phrase. But no worries better things ahead for us all. Na iphone7 Dem go jam you soonest *wink*

      Thanks lovey

  10. Paula says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

  11. @every-every, hugs & plentifold kisses. Make I go carry my lappy know wetin Kaine wan do next… TMU loading for tomorrow. Be here 5am sharparly… Hehehe

  12. Princess says:

    U are always welcome

  13. Mystiq18 says:

    Awww…if u know how DAT I Love You do me for body ehhn…I luv u too T.M ur one of a kind…gentle yet u lash us wen we need it…u v opened d eyes of many *speaking for myself tho*…ur just awesome n am sticking with you for d long run *shinning teeth*. God bless u ma’am

  14. Joan says:

    True many of us are unable to comment as frequently as we would like, still we really appreciate and love you. Thanks once again ma’am.
    More ink to your pen, power to your laptop/desktop, inspiration and bestest of health! muah…

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